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Menosukhi - an Isaac PUPdate

I would have put this in next Monday, the usual spot for menosukhiness. However, as you will see, it was booked for a special occasion. Today, then, here is the latest news on Isaac, my sponsor Guide Pup in Training.

Remember this little face?

For the few newer readers; Isaac was born in the British Guide Dog Association breeding programme very nearly a year ago.

In December, the GD folk called for sponsors for his batch. There was Isaac and two other little blokes, both goldies. I put it to the vote here and Blogville chose Isaac.. which I was delighted with as in my heart I kinda already fallen for him! As you all know, black furred doggies often get the short end of the stick in the 'choose me' stakes.  Anyway, I duly signed up! Look at him now...

There has already been one PUPdate (click here if you missed it) and here is the second.

Pupdate 2 - New discoveries 

We caught up with Isaac and his puppy walker, Cynthia, and were delighted to hear that Isaac is coming on leaps and bounds!

Cynthia, plays a vital role in Isaac’s socialisation and education. “Isaac is a quick learner, who is cautious, but very loving and friendly” Cynthia smiled. They attend puppy walking classes biweekly, which Isaac loves because he gets to meet lots of other puppies and practice his skills. In recognition of his hard work in these classes, we were delighted to hear Isaac was recently given his Kennel Club Bronze Award.

“Isaac is excellent in new places; we visited castles and went for lots of runs in Cornwall. Even with the crowds of people, Isaac didn’t put a foot wrong!” Cynthia beamed.

“I help build his confidence by exposing him to as much as possible, such as taking him to lots of different shops” Cynthia explained. Isaac’s hard work has really paid off and he is now much more focused and less fazed by busy environments.Confidence is key for our pups in order to make decisions on their own when they become a guide dog.

Cynthia is taking Isaac to meet qualified guide dog, Sarge, and his owner. Cynthia also puppy walked Sarge, so it has been many years since she last saw him!

Isaac’s best skill is to sit and stay. “Sometimes I leave Isaac’s sight and he will still wait until I call him – it’s like the penny has dropped!” Cynthia laughed. Keep up the good work Isaac!

We can’t wait to hear more about Isaac’s progress in his next
Pupdate which will be with you in February!


  1. we hope he becomes a wonderful guide dog in the future

  2. So nice to hear how he is doing. He is growing into a handsome boy!

  3. My how he has grown - and so handsome!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Service dogs are a work of love. When I exhibited at fair grounds I enjoyed watching trainers who would bring their trainee dogs out to be exposed to crowds and noise. I especially appreciated seeing parents who would see the service dog coat and tell their children what the dogs were being trained for and how to act around the dog.

    1. Hari OM
      .."a work of Love".. they are indeed!!! I have great respect for those who take up the task of the early training... to work so closely with a dog and then surrender it - then go back and do it all over again - requires a special person. Yxx

  5. How joyful that you can make a difference like this! I love black animals!

  6. I'll never understand why color matters. Keep up the hard work Isaac.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Wow is he getting big fast! A handsome fella who will change somebody's life!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. That is great news and he is doing so well.


  9. Oh hasn't he grown up just pawfect! He is a handsome fella
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. Isaac you are such a handsome cool dog now and I would like to hear more from you buddy :o)


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