…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

The Crow Capers - part 1

Meet The Crows

Here we find Cara Crow and her mate, Colin (that's him on the left).  They are a regular couple on the fenccinade, the fence along which to promenade, and they are often seen strutting its length, oblivious to the five metre drop. Their son, Clarence is even less impressed with the knife-edge existence of the fenccinade.

On one side is the ashram garden bed with lots of shrubs. Should there be a 'hydraulics' failure and the wings give out, at least the landing will be relatively safe.  On the other side, however, is an access road for the five star hotel next door and upon which there is significant traffic movement.  To tumble down there in the event of loss of 'hydraulics' would likely end in tears. Colin refused to think in terms of 'loss of focus' or 'a momentary imbalance'. As far as he was concerned, the mechanics of his wings were the only possible weak points. His son on the other pinna...

One doesn't normally think of birds tumbling to their end; but it does happen.  Crows especially.  They tend to form gangs, you see.  Especially the youths. Off they go and play 'fighter pilot' round the mango trees and buzz the student monks and nuns on the ashram. Recklessness.

"How close can you do a fly-by on baldy over there then Clarence?" one will say.  Clarence will just look down from the roof terrace and let loose, swooping at high speed and inches from the ground, aiming straight at Brother Bindi or Yamini-amma, then banking away to the right and pulling at least three g's as he races back up to the terrace in a vertical lift.  Brother Bindi will only have had time to blink and flinch after the close encounter. What a hoot to watch the human's slo-mo reaction.

There was one occasion where Clive, the top cock from the hotel grounds, was chase-tagging Clarence and poor young Clarence, inexperienced as he was, flew straight into the shoulder of Amma.  Her reflexes were rather better than many of the younger folks might have thought. Or the crows, for that matter. She didn't frighten easily, maybe that was her trick.

Clarence landed slap-bang against her shoulder and for a split second lost all ability to move. Amma reached up and held the large black bird tightly against her bosom, grabbing the beak so as to ensure no mishap could occur. Mighty weapons, are a the beaks of crows. Have your eye out as quick as wink.

Clarence was warm and breathless - and now a wee bit scared, for this had not been on the flight plan. He wasn't at all sure what he felt about being held this way.

Realising there was no immediate danger, he relaxed and only then did the amma let go of his beak and at the same time lift him up into the air, setting him back on trajectory.  He couldn't wait to tell his dad about the escapade.  What he didn't bank on was that dad would tell mum…

"Crikey Cara, cut the cord, will ya?!"
"Cara...Cara…… CARA!"


"Your son has been playing chase-tag with that bunch of hooligans from the hotel again.  You need to talk to him!"

"MY SON? D'ya think maybe you have something to do with things around here?  Every year we go through this and every year when the going gets tough, you think it's all up to me.   For crying out loud I even have to build the nest myself! 

Look at this stick will ya, what a great external strut this will make."

"Cara darling, you know Clarence won't listen to me.  He's a toy in your beak when you speak.  He has to start thinking of leaving the nest before we roost again and we can't have that sort of behaviour reflecting on the neighbourhood!"

………...to be continued. Return tomorrow for The Crow Capers - Part 2; where-in Cara stands her ground and Colin drops the ball stick. 

©Yamini Ali MacLean 2013

These were originally posted on the TAKE TOO blog (extinct) and are now being aired out, poked and prodded and brought back into service. One or two of you who have been here since the start may remember the characters, but I hope the story is worth the re-read - particularly with the tweaks. Am also mopping up some glaring inconsistencies; well-seen that it was originally done in the wee small hours with the pressure of tests and assignments on either side!!!


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