…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

The Crow Capers - part 3

Did you miss the beginning?  It'll set the scene for you…  we can wait… use the Crow Capers label.

Colin stands stage left; Cara launches her tirade
Cara was not best pleased. Indeed, to say that the few moments after the dropping of the stick were thunderous in their silence would not be overly dramatic.

Colin was doing his manly best not to cower, but it was clear he was wishing to be anywhere other than on the fenccinade right about now.  Without doubt, he'd had better days.  Glancing sideways at his mate, he prepared himself for the inevitable flow of abuse that was about to be cawed upon him.

Cara, oh so gently and slowly, lifted one wing then the other, rearranged them over her back and looked around the area as if simply assessing the weather.  Then she stretched her neck and let loose. He knew it was serious. She went the full name.

"Colin Chandra Crow, you are possibly the most inept and useless male on this entire side of the lake!  Cwentin Chaitan wanted to mate with me, but ooohhh nooo, I had to go for the fastest flyer!  Mother warned me, 'the flashy ones are often too proud to help out', but oooohhhh nooo, I knew better!  Father said, 'take him and you'll repent my girl', but oooooohhhhh nooooooo, daddy was under my claw and finally said, 'go for it!'  Now I can't even get a decent stick out of you… ooh wooeeeeee,, oh woooeeeeeee,,, ohhhh woooeeoeeeeeeeee……….."

She paused for breath and another slow dance of the wings.

Colin didn't give her a chance to start again.  In a flash of feathers he took a dive over the edge - onto the danger side of the fenccinade.  Cara gasped and peered after him.  "Colin!  What ARE you doing?"

"Stick?"  Colin muttered back up at her from the road, "you want a stick?.. THIS stick?  Well here it is!!!" Grasping the end of the ropy length of mashed creeper, he attempted to bring it back up the five metres to where his mate was glaring down at him.  At that moment an autorickshaw appeared, driving straight for him.

"C-O-L-I-N!!!" screamed Cara.

How had he not  heard it coming?  Too focused on the stick, he supposed.  As he stood considering the options, the auto drew closer at great speed and only at the last moment did he flap and pull away from impending death. The stick remained to its fate upon the tarmac.

Landing once more beside Cara, he was quite breathless.  "I'm losing my touch.  Maybe I should go practice with Clarence a bit more…"

Cara was more relieved than she cared to admit.  She just batted him over the head with her beak and said "You leave the capering to the youngsters - and on that subject, call Clarence in and have a talk about that other matter, won't you?" Care twisted her head at him in 'that' way, the way which caused him to feel all a-flutter.

Shrugging, Colin could see that he'd been out-cawed.

...tbc!  Come back next Monday for the Crow Capers part 4, where-in Colin tackles the task to taming the tear-away...

©Yamini Ali MacLean 2013


  1. Hehe, I is luffing the Crow saga!!!
    out-cawed, what a great saying!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Glad to hear your arrived safely and are enjoying yourself, looking forward to seeing your photos

  2. One is beginning to feel a wee bit sorry for Colin.

  3. my dad said he feels like Colin sometimes... that was the moment my mom acted like Cara... ... hahahahaha


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