…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

The Canine Chronicles

Keeping the Bs at Bay

As her brood got more and more adventurous, Radha had to work harder at lookout.  The B-pack had got wind of the pups and B1/Winkie was particularly unhappy about the competition.

Daddy Dog couldn't care less.  All he was interested in was the procreative part.  The rest he left to the females.  If pups got anywhere near him, he just barked them away, or nipped their behinds.  This would set up a round of squeals from the youngsters and at first they though it was a great game.  Then came the day that a nip became a nibble and blood was drawn.  Not much and not at all life-threatening.  Enough, though, to tell them this was not, after all, play.  Adult dogs were serious people.

Radha was as canny as ever when all this was going on.  Only once or twice did she intervene or get protective herself, as the pups were yet small enough for everyone to have patience with them.  A day would come, however, where the baby-looks would drop away and youth-hood would take over.  Trouble was likely then and she was ready to go into battle if necessary on behalf of her kids.

Blackie, when on her own, could be reasoned with and Radha found that although they would never be friends, the older bitch had sympathy for her and generally left her and the pups alone.

Winkie was another matter entirely and what is more, Blackie and Daddy-dog were totally under her control.  The three of them together were intimidating in the extreme. 

The pups were quick learners though, particularly the little female and as soon as the B-pack appeared on their run-around patch, they made a bee line for the drain. Winkie several times made as if to gobble them, but never attempted to follow them into the cramped space.

More and more, Radha had to leave them to their own devices as she now had to replenish her own body never mind the milk supply.  These four were greedy guzzlers of the white liquid and she was getting ready to have them off the teet.  It was nine weeks and they were still behaving like newborns when they saw her.  By staying away and allowing them to consume the food the humans brought, slowly, deliberately, Radha began weaning them.

The two big tail-less boys were the worst.  They were also not all that bright.  They were the most popular with the students on the ashram though.  Like living teddy bears. 

The strange-amma would visit and try to monitor the humans' behaviour and Radha somehow understood that this lady was advocating hands off as much as possible.  That same lady though had done something inconsistent with this.  The female, whom she had cleaned fully and brought to shining white, she had separated and taken away.  Radha could not fully understand this, but given the three boys were more than she could cope with really, she was not entirely ungrateful. 

One day Krishna-ji came up beside Radha and she decided to ask what he thought about the other pup being taken.

"Humans need dogs as much as we need them.  Not all show that they understand this.  Indeed some don't.  But many do and that strange-amma smells like 'proper' people to me.  She has only love for us.  It seems to me that she will be trying to find a place for your little girl that will take her out of the streets."  He looked closely at Radha. "Does that bother you?"

"No sir-ji, but I am a little sad without the girl."

"You don't worry.  I think that you have done well and these three boys are growing well.  Radha-beti, you should know one thing however.  In this place, whilst Kaneya and I have some safety, all you other dogs are not considered a part of things.  You must prepare yourself for some trouble from the humans.  Never mind the B-pack.  There are a few two-legs here who would seek to have you removed.  I tell you this now so that you can make plans for another place if needs be."

Radha looked sweetly at her elder.  He was wise indeed and she blinked in acknowledgement of his advice.

From tomorrow she would range outside the walls for alternative accommodations.

© Yamini Ali MacLean  

...this is as far as it goes with the Chronicles for the moment, peeps...



  1. What! What would Charles Dickens say to this?

  2. But we need to know what happened, to the wee girl pup especially!

  3. I am sure the little female pup is safe and sound. Looking forward to see where Radja finds alternative accommodations for her brood.

  4. We understand Radja is sad about her little girrrrrl being GONE... and is now Even MORE worried about her Boys... We are Happy fur the Girrrrrl... butt Sad fur the Boys and their mom.

    We would like to wish YOU a VERY MUCH Happy HAPPY HAPPY 2016, Yam Auntie.

  5. Don't know what to say never really wondered what the mother would feel about the separations from her pups.

  6. we sniffled some tears away while reading... I'm so sorry for the mom... who will miss her pups...


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