…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menologue; The OZ Venture

Saturday at Burleigh Heads dawned in Scottish fashion; yup, you're getting the hang of it. Cold and wet. Neil and I, both early risers, concluded it would be an ideal day for seeing waterfalls. Trish could only agree. Very accommodating lady, is Trish. A good book and a leisurely lunch might have been the alternative she had in mind. But off we set mid-morning.

QLD is well-served with nature parks and waterfalls; Neil was driving and he decided to head for Natural Bridge. As we drove up the highway for the first bit, I brought Eric out of my bag. The driver had a giggle-fit. "What's that?!"

"This is Eric. He is here on behalf of all the MacStuffies."

Barely five minutes later, Driver Neil guffawed again and pointed out the window...

Okay, so that's the Scottish Saltire on the rump of the truck. So what? Take a closer look at the surf board...

Can you see it? What are the odds??? Neil was well-tickled at the synchronicity. With the amount of water on the road, Eric could well have decided to take up surfing...
Once off the highway, it was up into the hinterland, lots of rural valleys and steep, wooded hillsides. It is very lush and beautiful when the sun is shining. In this weather, the term would have to be 'atmospheric'...

In many respects, it is reminiscent of highland Scotland - and yet so very different too.  Eric was enjoying viewing the different buildings and vegetation.

As it drew up past the midday hour, we were starting to get a tad peckish. At just about the right moment, a little cafe sign appeared.  The place was also a shop and a kind of museum, with lots of local history up on its walls and shelves. Despite the weather, the verandah was the place to be.

The lunch was very basic but just right for the day; a basket of hot chips and a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich with tomato sauce. The view was outstanding - even through the mist-like rain. then it was onwards and upwards (literally), deeper into the bush. Eventually we parked and prepared for our walking expedition down to see the Natural Bridge waterfall.

"What's the fuss about YAMum?"

"Well Eric, this is a place where the drop in the geological contours has formed a natural running place for water and water, as we all know, is a very abrasive substance, when left to its own devices. The volcanic rock here has lots of fissures and water loves a crack. Over the centuries, this water path has gouged out a 'well' and left one piece of rock connecting the banks - a 'natural bridge'. Can't walk across that nowadays. We have to use the un-natural bridge to go down and look closer."

Neil's call that the weather would be in our favour - less folks, more water - was a good one. This panorama shot narrows the expanse, of course, but gives a good impression of being under the 'bridge' (worth biggifying). Were you impressed, Eric?

Very good, glad you appreciated the view and the effort.

Now are you going to show everyone where we were?

The red arrows show where we came from and where we are standing 'now'... if you look carefully, you can see a place called Advancetown. We now headed back towards that and then up into the hills behind it to go to our next stopping place...

Tomorrow, more views from Natural Bridge, plus some teaser views from the next place...


  1. Love the geology!
    And oh yes, we know all about "atmospheric"….
    Gail and Bertie.

  2. That is very beautiful! Yes, more adverse the weather the more you have the whole place to yourselves. Mom and dad went to Yellowstone and there was a hail/sleet/snow storm but they had the right gear for it and had the place to themselves. Nice tour Eric!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. you never know how quick the weather can turn in Queensland

  4. I am so glad you are doing the walking; I'm loving everything.

  5. Glad you stuck it out and got to enjoy the adventure.

  6. Beautiful photos I love how green everything is!

    Aroo to you,

  7. Crikey ..... Did you manage at least ONE fine day. I've been to that natural bridge place. It's VERY beautiful on a FINE day!!! Our favourite place is at the top of that map. Tambourine mountain. We go there a lot. There's a GREAT Indian restaurant there as well as a lot of beautiful scenery. Our Jen got married at Mount Tambourine.

  8. Oh I would love to visit Advancetown... that's much better than to travel to Angers in France :o)

  9. Hello, sorry about the weather. That is a shame, at least you were still able to get outdoors. The natural bridge is neat. I like your furry companion! Have a happy new week!

  10. Wow...so very pretty, even in the wetness!


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