…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

MenoSunday; Life Lived Lovingly

New year, new theme. During 2015 Sundays were filled with music. In 2016 the Sunday posts are going to be more wordy and, hopefully, worthy. It is, in part, prompted by my being the nominated Officer for Wellness and Concerns (OoWaC) for the current administration of Blogville** and, in part, by my 'live standing' as an aachaarya (spiritual teacher) and, in still another part, by my background as a health professional (with a heavy emphasis on counselling).

Whilst this bloggy has always been my 'magazine' version, it has had its serious side and often those posts have prompted the most comments and encouraged discussion; or at the very least, given rise to some deeper thinking.

Sundays, one feels, are an appropriate day for placing more serious words and bringing 'stuff' to light. It tends to be the day that most folk have for lingering a bit longer and giving themselves time to ponder more deeply - if only because it is the pause in busy-ness for the majority. Not, note, because many consider it 'holy'... as far as the YAMster (and Santana Dharma) are concerned, every day is sacred!  There are many readers who do not profess any religious belief, but who still have a sense of 'sacred' in the context of connection with nature, understanding the ebb and flow of life and, ultimately, in the expression of Love with the capital 'ell'.

Capital 'ell' Love (CeL) is one of the prime drivers of the YAMster. Over the years despite some stupid highs and some devastating lows, one has come through with a fairly even and undamaged personality. The question is often asked as to how it is possible to be quite so 'untouched' by life.

The answer is that one has not at all been untouched, but has been blessed with a source of healing which cannot be bottled, neither can it be smelled, touched, heard, tasted or seen. Yet it is found within all those senses. It is in the sound of a mother crooning to sooth her child. It is in the taste of the food cooked from the heart. It is in the touch of one who has empathy for our condition. It is in the smell of familiar places. It is seen in the teenager who, having knocked the stick from an elder's grip, turns and lifts it and looks into the old eyes and a moment of apology and recognition occurs.

CeL reaches into our very cells and touches the essence of our being which is beyond even the nucleus of each. That part of us of which we are all aware and seek to satisfy, yet which often confuses us.

Sadly, I have at times seen fear in the eyes of some faced with CeL. They have been taught (or have learned) that 'love' is small and mean and harmful and not at all to be trusted. When they meet genuine, unfettered, no-strings, non-physical Love, it looks like fiction to them. If there is a spark of courage within, though, they stay around long enough to feel the healing power of CeL. It takes time. It is not a 'quick fix'.

Then there are those who know CeL, who profess CeL, yet find themselves falling short of its true expression. Not everything we learn throughout life is necessarily a part of our daily living. It remains only an academic morsel, an info-byte. Merely reciting aphorisms such as 'today I shall smile at all' does not make the thing happen. We have to work on ourselves. The smile is generally failing us by the time we have made the commute to work, or have faced the lines at the supermarket... because we have not made the smile our habit.

For Capital 'ell' Love to manifest in our daily lives, we must BE the CeL from which it can emanate. Love must become our capital, our primary habit.

This, and much more, is what will be explored in the MenoSunday posts of 2016 here at the YAMster's hutch. Hope you will enjoy visiting!

**for those readers who are not pet bloggers, 'Blogville' is the place of cats, dogs, birds, crabs, rabbits... and open hearts; where we have held elections and run many events! The current admin, headed by Mayorz Murphy and Stanley, has been running for a year. Office is held for two years.
.......................................I know, just a wee tad crazy, but they know me there!!!


  1. WE are sending Capital ell LOVE to YOU in the New Year.

  2. Oh, my goodness, no, love is not a quick fix, animals or people.

  3. We try to think of love as a verb. Then we need to be reminded again . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I spent last night reading some letters sent by my Dad to my Mother when they first fell in love in the 1950s. Unbearably moving. In their case, the love endured throughout parenthood, the usual trials of middle life, old age and dementia.
    Cheers, Gail.

  5. What a thoughtful post. I've been a bit S.A.D. being indoors and eating hubby freshly prepared food (NOT!) I'm hoping more walkies will help.
    Just feeling terribly unloved, without purpose.
    An ex-boyfriend (long story) has been reading my blog and I shall keep some to my chest.
    Anyway, I will get outdoors more and hope to make some improvements. Hubby has CT Scan #5 next week. sigh.
    Love your post. hugs from across the pond

  6. Ah love. If only more people would think with their hearts instead of with their heads (or not at all for that matter), life could be so much better.

    PS: Brom told me to remind you that there are also teddies in Blogville. He's just saying...


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