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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menologue; The OZ Venture

Finally, here it is, the first posting about the my recent trip to the Great Downunderparts of the planet Earth.

First let me thank all who stuck around for the Canine Chronicles... unfinished, yes, but will get back to them. Eventually. Thanks, also, to those who kept 'tabs' of me whilst I was away. Let us begin easing gently back into the blogging chair. You may recall that I went over to Edinburgh for a few days with the father before heading into the air.

At 0430h on morning of the 5th November, the chauffeur arrived and whisked my bags swiftly into the limo and off we went. Etihad business class flight, direct from EDI to AUH (Abu Dhabi)... no Heathrow!!! Relatively small plane on this 8 hour leg, but the lie-flat seats and the food were everything one paid for. Mohit was the attendant on my section, a delightful fellow from Delhi, whose sole aim was to keep his 'guests' happy. Having seen me arrive with a walking stick, he called ahead and arranged wheelchair assist at AUH for me. This was most welcome, as it is a slightly confusing airport due to large scale improvements being carried out... and there was only a one hour transit time on that connection.

Style, simplicity and functionality
image (c) Etihad Airways
The second leg was on the A380 airbus; luxurious even in 'cattle class'.... but business class on this one with Etihad was of a standard one imagines equates to first class on many other carriers! Total pampering. Even a sliding panel which, although not completely blocked off, gave one a real sense of privacy. Pyjamas were offered on this flight (full cotton track suit style) and a mattress for the 'bed'!!! The food was served as and when each person wanted it, and as a vegetarian, I was super impressed with the offerings.

Slept like a log and arrived in Sydney completely time-oriented. The chauffeur pick up at the airport there was less than impressive; long story, won't bore you; complained to Etihad and it is being taken to the managers' meeting this month!!!

Arrived at Emm's place at 2215h on the 6th November. Was met with great enthusiasm by Remus...

He wasn't sure what to make of Eric though.... Eric, on the other paw, was quite delighted to have been let out of the bag. He jumped straight into bed, and after a hot shower and simple supper with Emm and N, I joined him.....


  1. I was ready to keep on reading. More, please!

  2. I would love to fly in anything but economy, looks lovely!

  3. Yes, we were ready to hear more too! Sounds like you got off to a good start. Anyone who can have a good opinion of their flight already has an advantage!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. What a delightful journey. After I retire, when husband makes one of his business trips there, I'll probably go with him. After 20 years as a commercial pilot I'm not too keen on airports or being away from home, but there are certain places in the world I just love.

  5. OH MY.... those must have been EXCELLENT Flight Accommodations...
    We are happy that ERIC made it Safely!!

  6. Sounds like a mostly wonderful journey!! I'm on board with all...and are ready for more :-)

  7. I recently upgraded a short flight from cattle class to business class and was already impressed. It was only to avoid sitting with my knees in my neck, but I was very happy with the overall experience as well.

    Did you take a shower on board as well? At least that is what Jennifer Aniston tells us is possible!

    1. Hari OM
      HEHEHEHEH ... the showers are only on the A380 and then too, for first class... though the transit lounge in AUH has shower facilities. More on that later.... &*>... Yxx

  8. Believe me, that journey sounds so much better than my cattle class trip to Seattle on Lufthansa, who must offer the worst food of any major airline…
    Bertie and I both think Remus looks a fine wee fellow.
    Cheers! Gail.

  9. I'm not a fan of travel, I so admire you! We had a time in a town 15 min. away today. Happy for tomorrow...


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