'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menologue; The OZ Venture

Six of a morning and I was waiting at the door... look there they are!!!

Can you see Charlie??? His mum, Lynn, came over and gave me a lovely hug and then I had to get a close up...... yes it was really him, my good mate Charlie!!!

Off we set towards Charlie's beach. It is not the Main Beach where I had been with Meena, but a bit further out of town. It is EVERYTHING that Charlie claims it is on his bloggy. Long, wide, and outstandingly beautiful. Get this too..... the sun was shining!!!!!!!!

As we walked down onto the sand, Charlie started pestering Lynn to throw that ball - she has got one of those wonderful slinger things, which saves the arm a bit.

Out that ball went and out went Charlie after it.

Back came Charlie - and by default, back came the ball.  Then out went that ball again and so did Charlie....

You get the drift... (can you spot the ball in the next piccie?)

I have to say, Charlie's furs are just the right colour for him to disappear into the landscape!

He is such a handsome boy and pretty well- behaved too; but I did see first-paw how he tends to want to just run, run, run and go meet EFURRYONE on the beach!!!

There was a new dog (to them) coming towards us at one point. Charlie likes to hunker down and watch for a bit. Then takes off like like a speeding bullet to go meet 'n' greet!!!

There was just no stopping the bloke from saying g'day to absolutely efurrybuddy!

Charlie didn't furget to keep checking in with his mum - and me, for that matter. All too soon it came to an end.

Before leaving the beach, Charlie gets a shower to remove all the salty and sandy material. Lynn very kindly then drove up to the highest point in the area so that I could survey the whole of Noosa from there. We didn't really want to say goodbye!

All good things must come to an end; but there is promise of trying to meet again, no matter how far into the future. Charlie and Lynn presented me with the most WONDERFUR coffee-table book which features many of the dogs of Noosa (and their peeps) on beach. I had to buy an extra suitcase to get it back to Scotland. (... well that and a few other things folk kept giving me...)

Back at Meena's place, we said our farewells.

Then Meena told me we were going to Christmas party on somebody's wharf that evening... it being millionaire territory I nearly had a fit.

Have you seen what I am wearing? I did not travel with social functions in mind!!!

We spent the morning preparing a snack plate to take to the function and then headed off to the shopping strip - yes the one requiring crocodile wallets. Something I most definitely do not have. However; even these types of shops have to have sales...

I got a very fine cotton print top with sparkles on which could go over my standard white t-shirt and leggings. With a white dupatta (cotton wrap) and an Avon sparkly or two, I managed to look close to the million hundred bucks. If I'd known, I'd've packed a sari. ...sigh...

My delightful and geographically-challenged friend loaded us into the car that evening and plugged in the e-nav thing. Round to the left and one hundred yards further (I kid you not) we parked the car. Half an hour early!!! As expected, it was all air-kisses and arms-length hugs, but having worked 'up high' at various times in life, I felt quite comfortable. I am also someone who doesn't care who anyone "is"; have never played those social games. Which usually means one is not seen as a threat to those who do and things thus go smoothly.  There was lots of finger food and a nice fruit punch and we all sat around being gobbled by mosquitos (who also have no thought for social standing), making polite conversation of the type which will mean little as it doesn't have to be stored till later. The hostess was on tenterhooks because it turned out there was some entertainment expected.... from the water. The "Noosa Orchestra" (amateurs) were to bring carols to the wharf. Eventually we heard them; Silent Night drifting across silent water, creating a stilling and silencing effect.

I hasten to add, these three are not my photographs - one of the other guests took them and emailed to Meena, who in turn emailed to me. I don't therefore have a name to accredit; apologies.

About one dozen carols and popular Christmas songs were played, and myself and one other male guest were in good voice, so there was singing too. All in all, rather a joyous little gathering.

Next morning I had to pack again. Meena dropped me at Maroochydore Airport. Eric would have liked to have stayed a bit longer - or permanently even. Isn't that right Eric?
Too right YAMum. I could get used to sun, sea, sand and surf and the occasional diamond event.


Anyhoo. As per the habit round here, tomorrow will bring all the photos from this part of the trip which didn't make it into this post!


  1. A warm, beautiful day at the beach. How nice that would be as we sit here with extra sweaters on.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful adventures with us.

  2. We are soooooo happy you got to have a sunny day at the beach!

  3. Beautiful day, lovely beach, beautiful dog--perfect.

  4. Wow, you got to meet Charlie and his mum in the furs??? And you got to play on Charlie's beach???? We are jellY!!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. what an awesome meeting - it is so fun to meet fellow bloggers :)

  6. OMD we can UNDERSTAND why you would wish to stay THERE even LONGER, Eric.
    what with Meeting our Mate Charlie and his Mum... IN THE FURS... and going to HIS beautiful Beach... and that Super Pawty... WE would have wanted to stay Longer also..
    We can't believe that you actually got to meet OUR Charlie...

  7. Crikey ... We DID get to meet, aye? It sure was a flying visit. I hope next time we can spend more time together. We had fun at my beach and the sun came out. How good was that?

  8. You got to meet Mr Crikey? In real life? Wow!! That must have been really exciting. I did see the ball as well. Really high up. I may have only one eye, but I can see good I can!


    1. Hari OM
      Well done for keeping THAT eye on the BALL Brom!!! Yxx

  9. Oh that's so great that you met Charlie and his mom in the furs... and for a second I thought even Murphy was there too... but he wouldn't go without Stanley, right?

    1. Hari OM
      hehehe - indeed there were quite a few doodles on the beach - not least this fella and his smaller bro - and Charlie's mum said exactly that; it was like the Mayor-doodz by proxy!!! Yxx

  10. This is so fun. You really didn't buy another suitcase, did you??!!
    I just came in form checking out a nuthatch that flew into the window. No cats involved. Maybe the hawk. My hands were freezing but feel much warmer!


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