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Menosukhi Moments - PUPdate

Helen and IsaacWell, having gotten the review of the Great Downunderparts Trip completed, it's back to usual transmission here at the YAMster's hutch. As if by some great alarm clock in the ether, the next pupdate for ISAAC arrived on Friday! 

Pupdate 3 - Isaac's training begins!

Isaac’s training has begun!

Isaac has just started at Guide Dog Training School with his new trainer, Helen. We caught up with them both to find out how he’s getting on.
The first thing that Helen will work on is the bond between them. She explained: “It’s important Isaac is willing and trusting in me so that he has the confidence to follow my instruction.” She’ll sit with him and find out what motivates him – whether it’s toys, food or physical touch. When she first met him, he seemed very interested in her food pouch, “so I know he’ll respond to food, which will help the bond,” laughed Helen.
After that, she’ll test his general obedience, commands like ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stay’ and then start some heel work, which will be new to him. Helen explained: “Isaac needs to learn the difference between walking on a lead, when he needs to keep close to you, and walking in harness, when he will need to walk slightly away from the person he’s guiding.”
Poor Isaac caught kennel cough the day he was due to arrive at the training school. This meant he spent an extra month with his puppy walkers to avoid the other dogs catching it too. Helen explained: “We do vaccinate all our dogs but kennel cough is like the common cold, there are lots of different spores in the air and we can’t protect the dogs against them all.”
Fortunately Isaac is much better now and has settled in kennels. He’s met all the other dogs that Helen is working with and is mixing well with them. “They’re a confident bunch, quite excitable at play time!” Helen laughed, “so it’s good that Isaac is happy to be with them.”
Helen is still getting to know Isaac but she said: “He’s a really sweet, responsive young dog. He’s quite confident but has a sensitive side.”
We’re so pleased that Isaac is feeling better and is now ready to start his guide dog training. He’s certainly got a lot to learn and we can’t wait to catch up with him in his next Pupdate in June!
IsaacIsaac walking

Isaac in harness


  1. Cool post, Isaac is a great dog. I am sure he will be a wonderful guide dog. Enjoy your new week!

  2. Isaac has sure grown into a handsome boy! We love the updates! So glad he is over kennel cough and ready to start his training! We used to know a black Lab named Omar who was a service dog for a person we knew who was blind. Isaac will change a life!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Oh that is good news. Sounds like Isaac is coming along handsomely!

  4. Nice to hear how Isaac is doing. He is handsome.

  5. Crikey ... how good is that and what a good lookin' bloke he's turned into. I bet he passes all tests with flying colours, aye??

  6. What a wonderful thing Isaac is doing!! Thanks so much for the update!

  7. Isaac I'm so glad that you once will be the guartdian angel of your human... how bad that you became sick the day as the trainin started... but I'm sure now efurrything is fine :o)

  8. How cute! Annabelle was whacking a mouse around (pretend one!) while Daisy went outside to play. It's only -15 C. or so! Hubby just finished the driveway, just a skiff this time, and the kids are on their way. We're babysitting!

  9. Oops. Annie is after a ping pong ball now.


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