…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoffagainorrhoea; Road Trip - Seahouses

We lingered quite a while in Seahouses. As with virtually every other town round this coast, there is a LOT of history. The atmosphere is interesting... a sort of tired and worn-out nostalgia combined with an active, modern out-reach. Needless to say, the harbour was the focus of our attention. Not least because of searching for geocache clues. The doing of this, though, brought some fine bits of info to our attention.

...no, I am not expecting you to be able to read that. However, if at all you are interested in maritime history, never mind famous heroines, then you really oughtta check out this very wonderful website for the full story of the act which led, eventually, to the formation of the RNLI... (one of the YAMster's favoured charities - see the bits'n'badges page).

The building to which these panels were affixed rather fascinated me. I could tell it was pretty old and wondered if it had been shelter for old fishing boats (the slipway being just behind)... but no... turns out this had been a lime kiln - again the piccie is for effect more than efficient reading. If the history interests you, click here! Below is the 'arty-Fudgy' shot of the old kiln doors.

Walking round the back of these brought us to a most wonderful small area completely full of wooden benches; all had dedications on them and were tiered, so that Joe Public and the birds could come and sit and enjoy the harbour whilst munching on ice cream or fish suppers. Another panel of info - about the past glories of fishing. For what is written, click here.

There was one boat in the harbour which clearly had nothing to do with fishing, or the new industry of tourism (many boat trips available to get out to the Farne Islands). It is an ocean-rowing boat and has done the round-Britain challenge for charity. The dog logo, of course, intrigued me - research has revealed this to be the logo of GP Bullhound... click this one if you wish to be bored to tears. (Select the 'people' list on the top right of that site if you are interested to find out how testosterone-based that industry is... jus' sayin'...)

The piccie of the full length of the boat will be here tomorrow, along with a few more 'glory shots'...

What?...well Fudge the Fancy Fuji has to earn her keep!

I really fell in love with this place and hope to return for a full week to properly explore it and Bamburgh, with a trip to the Farnes and also to Lindisfarne - the Holy Island.... [..updates 'to do' list...]


  1. Grace Darling was one of my childhood heroines. I read her story in written for children books.

  2. love salty old fishing villages - sad to see so many are just tourist areas now

  3. What a wonderful place to explore and just BE!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. How beautiful and interesting!! A mix of two of my favorite things, the ocean and history!!

  5. I read about the time the herring was king and on our side of the channel, the filet bleu was the queen :o) I must grin as I read about the bulldog peeps... we call this the "oh dear! - business" lol


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