…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menokakkuls nnoooo.......still on the Road Trip....

I love maps. Have done ever since joining the Girl Guides and loving the orienteering badge-work; that and having a father who had to work with the things. He was always poring over a map for one thing or another and I would would peek over and learn a thing or two - contour lines, by-ways, how to read the different symbols.  Learning navigation at school meant learning to read sea maps too. I had a map of the moon on my wall for many years. I used pocket money to purchase the Readers Digest Table-size Atlas of the World, forty years ago. It still gets hauled out from time to time... but now I like to Go Ogling. Such fun to be able to walk streets before I ever get there... or if I never get there. I am one of those folks who can read a map and pretty much retain the necessary info without ever having to refer to it again. At least I was. Then the old Menoical hit and there are days I can't remember.

That's it. Just days I can't remember, never mind what's in them.

Before setting off on the Northumbrian road trip, I determined to screenprint the necessary sections of maps onto the YAMroid so's to be able to find my way out if I got in a tangle of territory... though I am inclined to not panic at such times, and fall into the 'always keep left and the maze will unravel' mode. I was both surprised and delighted to discover that Android version of maps provides a method of off-line navigation, albeit with not much more than the main lines drawn on them. Thankfully, didn't have to use that too much. though did hand it to Aitch after we left Seahouses, as we wanted to make just one more little foray of geocaching before heading back to the cottage to meet up with her nieces.

Aitch was very patient with me - may have helped that I was the driver. She is of the type who likes to print out the route and stick to it. We were also on a bit of a time limit that afternoon as, understandably, she wanted to spend as much time as poss with her girls.  That said, she it was who said 'hang a left' at an unexpected point.

It took us to Newton-by-the-Sea (halfway twixt Bamburgh and Alnmouth); a most picturesque village... but our goal was geocache. It was in the wall beside this incredibly beautiful and peaceful little mission church.

Truly adorable few moments of peace we spent here! What a find - and a geocache to boot. Here is the link for info on the building history.

Then it was back in the Ren and to the cottage for tea and a natter. We slept well that night.


  1. Hello, I love the maps too. Especially when planning a road trip! The church is pretty. Lovely photos. Have a great day!

  2. It is my sister who is the map head. She sees it, she knows it. She still knows it decades later. Insult to injury, she can tell direction.

  3. That is a very different looking church.

  4. Another map lover here (as you may have guessed ;0)). What a beautiful church, and surrounding area!!

  5. Crikey ..... you're just like my Dad. He's a map lover and put an atlas in front of him and he can be lost in it for hours. Not Mum. She couldn't read a map to save herself.
    How beautiful is that little church??

  6. oh how much I wish to travel with you for real... but to do it via your blog is good too :o)


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