…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosukhi Moment... honouring the father

Image result for happy 80th80 years ago today, in a tiny house, in remote Scottish hills, a little boy was born. Alexander MacLean.

Image result for LBC 1936A good vintage, the 1936ers. There was a recent study regarding cognitive abilities undertaken, in which my father participated. He got the mug (not this one, the one he got had this on it....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

He was well-pleased that he scored 94% in his testing; well above the average 48% given overall for the cohort. Parkinson's may have slowed the body, but the mind is not sitting still!

Image result for happy 80thToday, will be a relatively quiet affair, but the occasion will not go unmarked. There will be some bowling buddies, a life-long engineering colleague, a neighbour who is virtual family, Mac1's hubby, Macs 1 to 3, and me. A luncheon out in a posh place, a designer cake, some reminscing. A couple of hours then he'll want home again.

Parkinson's is not kind, never mind the 80 years. Almost more time sleeping than awake these days. Other than bowls and choir, television is pretty much his whole world. That, too, at max volume. Last year Mac3 bought him a pair of earphones for the smart telly, so when we are with him we don't have to put earplugs in to share the show with him. He's good at seeing the humour in that. Good sense of humour our father. A generous man. A supportive man, in the sense of practical matters. The emotional is a little baffling to him. That's okay. It's his way.

There is no such thing as the perfect man. There is probably no such thing as the perfect father. There IS such a thing as the man who, as a father, has ensured a home, an education, a stable life (if you don't count the caravans and multiple houses over the years), someone to call on in times of need and who forgives the long silences when need is not there; an intelligent and trustworthy soul and who has ensured his children have wanted for nothing - including Love - and who has earned the Love and Respect of those children in return. Such a man is my father, my siblings' father, who today will celebrate those eighty full and productive years.

I am immensely grateful to him for so very much - but most of all for having his birthday fall the day before I fly to the BAR, so that I could be sure to celebrate it with him!!!


  1. What a great and grand tribute to your DAD.

  2. Such a fine, loving birthday tribute to your father. Not perfect, just like the rest of us, but a man who has lived his life well.

  3. Lovely. Happy birthday to the ground zero Mac.

  4. Wishing your father a wonderful birthday!

  5. Happy birthday to your dad.
    Sad about the Parkinsons, my mum had it she died 36 years ago so not a lot was known about it then and how to treat it, I still miss her a lot.

  6. Crikey Aunty ...... what a nice tribute to your Dad. I sure hope he has a great day and remember ...... ICECREAM ... I'm sure he will love some icecream for his birthday. Mum says you are very lucky .... her Dad died when she was just 2. She would have liked 80 years with him. She had 96 years with her Mum though so I guess that makes up for a lot, aye?? Happy birthday Alexander!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your father. I hope you have a good time with him before flying to the other side of the world and having more good times!

  8. that was a wonderful post for your dad... Happy Birthday to your father! I hope I can find such wonderful words too if my dad turns 80... or maybe I can finish the handknitted sweater I promised him as he turned 40 :o)

  9. Lovely post - brought a tear to my eye as I remember my almost perfect father too.
    Cheers, Gail.

    1. PS Please wish him a belated Happy Birthday from Bertie and me.

  10. Happy Birthday to your father.
    Thank you for sticking by while we wait
    for a new dog.
    Hugs and Love for a wonderful trip.


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