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MenoSunday; Life Lived Lovingly

As various parts of the world wrangle with their political schemozzles - and resultant (or ought that to be causative) social disarray - one wonders about the 'learning from the past' we were always advised at school was the point and purpose of studying history. The more one pays attention to history, the more one realises that most of it has been written from the point of view of the dominant parties at any section of time and can often be used as a method of justification for behaviours rather than a warning against them.

Then there is the current trend for 'seeing the other point of view'. Commendable in many ways, but which can also tip the balance too much the other way. Over-compensation and 'bleeding heart' empathy can be every bit as disempowering and demeaning as abuse and hatred. People can take up causes and fight others' battles for them because it gives an emotional vent they might not otherwise permit themselves - or in extreme cases allow for anger and violence to become justifiable because it is in the name of 'justice'. In beating the drum for those external to us, we can avoid facing our own internal mess.

On my recent sojourn to the BAR, a few worthy conversations about how the world is spiraling into some kind of political vortex took place. It's a conundrum. Australia, Europe/UK and the US are going to look back on this as the year of bitching boisterously.

All that seems to be arising at the moment is the desire to shut out our neighbours. Plenty of voices are crying out for Love and Lenience, but these, currently, are not where the power lies.

What I have learned about history is that it is destined to be continually relived and rewritten; that those in the present care not about the lessons of their forefathers, but wish instead to leave their own mark upon the annals.

Taking individual responsibility, here at ground level, is the bit with which most folk cannot be consistent. Here in UK particularly, the tendency to point the finger and say that 'all our troubles are because of 'the other' is prevalent. "We can do it better on our own!" Maybe; but that can get lonely. Rowing solo is much tougher than rowing together - even if at times the team is out of rhythm. We need 'the other'. However, to demarcate things as black and white, yes or no, in or out... these are invisible fences, dividing us from each other, and we lose ourselves in the extremes on either side of those fences.

  • Let us pray for the middle ground, for common sense, for individuals taking full self-responsibility and coming together for a healthy community, in our respective home territories and globally. 
  • Let us pray for a lessening of the extremes, that not everything becomes a 'cause' or raison d'etre... whichever 'side' we are on, if we are reduced to venting anger, displaying disrespect, defending fences so fiercely we cannot see the benefit of creating a gate, we neither do ourselves nor 'the side' any service at all.
  • Let us pray for the spread of Love, the balm for all things troublesome.
  • Let us pray for the ripple of Love, the calm on each side of any storm.
  • Let us pray for the enlightenment of Love, the realisation of neighbourliness, of unity in our diversity.


  1. Well said and AMEN!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    HUGS HiC

  3. Peeps need to learn EVERYTHING in MODERATION and that would go a long way toward PEACE and LOVE and SENSIBLE Thoughts and Deeds.
    YOUR WORDS are VERY CORRECT and POWERFUL. We at OUR AMEN to Murph and Stan's.

  4. very wise words... if our haerts are fille dwith love then there is no room for hate...

  5. The 'learn from the past' idea is great, but only really works for the generation who actually lived through that past. As soon as a new generation comes up, that past is on a par with bad music and bad clothes: to be forgotten as soon as possible. At least, that's what it looks like to me!

    1. Hari OM
      Exactly - and is why the 'wheel keeps getting re-invented'! Each generation, though, has its share of peacemakers, but that balance is different for each gen... and each society; everyone and every community has to go through its cycle of good and bad times. The voices of peace must never remain quiet, however! Yxx

  6. Very well said indeed Yam-Aunty.I've noticed that Gail gets quite upset just now when ever she reads or listens to the news (which she does too much of, in my opinion). But she does think that perhaps a world run by middle aged women (Merkel, May, Clinton) might not be so bad after all? Personally I am not so sure...
    Toodle pip!

  7. Yep .... you got it right .... AGAIN!! Well said Aunty!!

  8. These are fervent prayers. They are arguing over redeveloping a dam, and putting it back on the grid. They argue over potential habitat loss for a specific dragonfly. If we can't get off nonrenewable energy, well, we should put this in perspective.
    We spend billions trying to save certain species, or fighting lost causes, but fail to see the big picture. You are a wise woman, my friend. xo

  9. Peace, love, unity. janice xx

  10. People should be able to see other viewpoints and still be friends. Just because I dont share a viewpoint doesnt mean that I am against them or racist etc. This world is crazy with too much PC

    Diana and Oreo


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