…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menotripsical; BAR and Beyond - More Monday

Lee and Janet decided that after our meal, we ought to go back and collect SWTS to bring him on the evening part of the Nati tour.

"auch aye ...and ah
shood think sae tae..."
In many respects, Nati reminded me of the OZ city of Adelaide - churches almost on every corner! This one is the Presbyterian kirk at the end of Janet's street.

We went to look at some more impressive architecture in the form of the Athenaeum (or Mount St Mary's Seminary)... [it's a bit grander than the ashram (hindu seminary) I attended!]

Just look at the beautiful decoration on those columns! They are reminiscent of the internal carvings on columns of Rosslyn chapel in Scotland...(A place highly protected against cameras sad to say...)

...and remember, these are all 'drive-by shootings' because we still had places to see... From here we moved on to another of Lee's favourite 'lookovers' which had become subject to the inevitable change called 'the growing of trees.'

At least managed that shot! Disappointment again at yet another look out spot - but there was a lovely little pond fountain with local flora and fauna decorating it...

We did try one other lookout point, in Mariemont itself, with a beautiful layout of pavement, seating and trellis. Again the view as such was a bit restricted, but Lee told me about the 'Great Serpent'... she sent me this link, which is most interesting! As the evening drew on (it was around 7pm now), we made one last port of call for the day.

Look at the warmth and patina on the back barn wall woods...

The place was nestled nicely against a hillside and a creek on the other side of the road.

After this we drove back to Lee's place and sat on the porch having a good natter about Nati and other places... and I saw my first ever lightning bugs! (D'ya hear that doods???)

Janet and I returned to her place and continued chattering into the late evening - got on like the proverbial house fire!!! I was the first person to try out her new guest bed too... a 'number' bed. I had it 100. Flat. Firm. Very, Very Fine &*>

Then it was rise and shine for day two... more tomorrow...


  1. you had the best trip, we love those churches and that deer statue. stella rose

  2. Oh but the next day the lookovers were wonderful from the Twin Lakes overlook to the Mt. Adams overlook to being right down by the river.
    We saw two log cabins that night. The other one was up for sale.
    This last weekend the Miller House was open for tours of the inside.
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Hari OM
      &*> Oh yes, we did get to see lots from on high... it was just fun remembering your disgust that first part of the viewing attempts at how things had changed... I used to do the same with such things in OZ!!! xx

  3. An amazing guest bed makes takes a wonderful trip to a higher level!

  4. Lee, Sw. Wm and Janet were the ultimate hosts!! Cincinnatie is gorgeous and had I known we would have planned more time there but after 6 days we needed to go home.

    YaYa B-cat and I have a sleep # too we are at 100!
    Hugs HiC, B-cat and Madi

  5. Beautiful. I lived in Ohio when I first got Barkley - I hated to move but my field office was downsizing so I didn't have a choice. I miss it

  6. Sounds like FUN. Oh I bet you liked it at 100!! Ha!


  7. that is amazing... it looks like the columns grew at this building, hard to believe that humans created this with their hands :o)

  8. I just love the detail in the Athenaeum!! What a lovely first day!

  9. You had an amazing journey! WE've had the grandies for 4 days. I AM SO TIRED!


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