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Menotripsical; BAR and Beyond - Nati Tuesday

June 14th - the first half anyway Image result for smiley emoji

After a very fine breakfast of fresh fruit salad and yoghurt, it was back in the car and round to collect Lee for another jam-packed, whirl-wind Cincinnati tour. Driving into the city itself today, first thing which caught my attention as we drove off the Columbia Parkway was this rather intriguing fountain...

...on a technical note, I could have gone through and straightened up all the off- kilter shots... but wanted to keep that "ohh look at that, darn it passed already" feel to things!

In case you doubt my calling this as a fountain, look again.. near the base. I liked the Art Deco referencing in the design and the almost Flash Gordon feel to the whole thing.

Not too far round from here came our first stop and I got out the car for these shots...

These are the headquarters of Proctor & Gamble. Known to locals as the 'Dolly Partons'. You may surmise why. Watch for another shot later...

Beautiful gardens; again more shots later.

Cincinnati has many, wonderful murals on display. We saw a great many of them this day. A sampling will be given here, the rest elsewhere! I couldn't help just snapping off at all the varied buildings too...

Now, you can read all about this mural over at SWTS's bloggy!

We were looking for a parking spot when I spotted those little fellas on the steps - d'ya see them? Cute.  The sign gives a big clue too. We were at Wash Park and therefore about to take in the external sights of the Cincinnati Music Hall... sadly we could not enter, as there are major renovations being undertaken. The tram caught my eye, reminding me that Edinburgh has recently opened its controversial tramline. The park is small but a delightful oasis for the area.

Families were certainly enjoying the ground-spouts!

Back into the car we piled and off through the city centre; spotting the Fountain in its Square (happenin' place, that); past a delightful bird mural which Lee informed me held some tiles within it from Rookwood Pottery, where we would be eating later; and on down past the Freedom Centre, which houses the story of the 'underground railroad' (which was used by slaves to escape to the free states of America), as well as being continually active raising awareness against all sides of slavery, even as it exists now.

A sad, still-required need.

We went over the John Roebling Suspension Bridge (or Singing Bridge if you're local - metal mesh base makes the tyres hum!), to the Kentucky side of the city once more and to see the set of murals which depict the history of the place. There are many of these. Will show only a couple now and more on Tuesday, as is my wont &*>

The mighty Ohio was busy behind us with various craft plying up and down. Not least the large, three-hulled barges carrying coal and scrap, etc.

From here, we drove back over the bridge, through downtown and headed for one of the most iconic structures of the city...

Have a good weekend everyone; don't forget to drop by Sat and Sun for meaningful moments with MENO.


  1. Love the drive by shooting of the art deco fountain. janice xx

  2. Love the photos! What great murals!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. The tram ~ street car ~ was making trial runs that day. It is not open for passengers yet. It is new to Nati City and it will be nice to see it up and running full time. That street in front of Music Hall is the only original cobblestone left of a bygone era. I love it.
    Wish your visit was longer so you could have went inside the Freedom Center. The Auditorium sometimes has a show that lights up the ceiling showing where the stars were in the sky the night Lincoln was assassinate. Also a true slave cabin.
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Hari om
      Well well... it gave incentive to return!!! Once again, thanks for filling in a fact or two &*<> Yxx

  4. We have enjoyed your visit here so much. stella rose

  5. We just might have to make a trip back to see Cincinnati. I went once back in the 60's. It is truly lovely
    Hugs Madi and mom

  6. Oh my...the fountains, the architecture.....ooooooo aaaaahhhhh!!!

    1. Hari Om
      heheheheheheh- yup, that's pretty much what the YAMster was saying!!! Yx

  7. Yes it is all so full of character and beauty!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. You and Lee between you are doing such s wonderful job telling the world about the many fine sights of Cincinnati (one day I'll even get the spelling right first time!)
    I love the Art Deco fountain.

  9. Love the suspension bridge.

    It seems like it was a whirlwind tour through town. I couldn't imagine remembering it all!

  10. I love that you love architecture! The mural are amazing, too.


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