…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menptripsical; BAR and Beyond - Creative Space

June 16th... dawned bright and clear.

There were four-leg residents of the house also. Toby cat was a kitten found at a motel. He came home with Joanne. It formed the basis of the opening post of Joanne's blog. He's been featured on a regular basis since. Then there is Euba dog. She was a rescue also. You can read a wonderful tale of the dogs here.

Euba is now getting very old and slow, like the Angus written of in the linked post. She tried SWTS's trick on the YAMarazzi...

Then decided I wasn't so bad after all... but pretty much ignored me the entire visit. She is focused (as is right a proper) on her pawrents (Janice and Tom). Her world is beside them, in the garden and in the work room.

Toby, on the other hand, was curious. He also decided I might be family; snuck in and slept with me the first night! He is a house cat. When it came to going out so the house could be inspected by possible buyers, he was not happy.

"Remember - keep our chat under your furs -
 they mustn't think we know what's going on!"
Neither was Euba, for that matter. I caught the two of them having a chat and comparing notes about the current state of affairs in their home of six years; by the time I got back with the Fudge, they had twigged and didn't want to be caught crossing the interspecies communications barrier!

On the deck stair, Pig, Lamb and Frog keep a watchful eye on comings and goings and the plants are like pets also. (At time of publising, they are now moved to the new residence and look like they were forever there.) There is other 'garden furniture' as well as some of the long-term plantings which are going to move to new ground. There's history to be continued.

Another part of history is the creative industry which has arisen from the work shop. As mentioned, Joanne, who was a weaver, then wasn't and then was again, has finally surrendered the loom. Jan intends to keep quilting, for a while anyway, so the new digs to be found must have the space...

Yup, that is quite the machine... and she is quite the quilter! I had a very pleasant hour chatting with Jan as she worked, enjoying observation of a skill I admire but simply do not share.

Jan's website has lots of lovely photos, so do take a peek!

Some quilts still hung on the walls... and the door. That small piece ("Stars and Stripes"),  is now resident in Dunoon. Couldn't resist it!

Toby is kept from entering. Cats and yarn. You know the drill...

That day also, Joanne and Laura and I went shopping; Laura and Emily are in charge of their food - Joanne happily leaves them to it and fair enough - they have kitchen skills those gals. Laura, though, wanted to stretch her repertoire with some Indian-style preparation. There turned out to be a top-class Indian supplies store just 15 minutes drive away! I got to brush off my rusty Hindi and Laura discovered some new and exciting ingredients. At Krieger's we got lots of great farm-fresh produce and we were set for the week.

When we got back, there was the obligatory deck-sitting and commune with the 'locals'. Another fine day under our belts.

................ got to see lots more of this little fella! There were two of them taking turns at the dropped seeds and husks.

Teeming with life, was that little spot beneath the great oak tree.


  1. What beautiful quilts, you are just having the best time. stella rose

  2. Oh my word that is some piece of equipment. Amazing as it is I have never been interesting in learning quilting but boy do I admire those who do it. My sister in law is a fantastic quilter. She makes her own patterns..I learned there was a lot of MATH involved in quilting, which explains why I never wanted to learn. I must have somehow known it was full of math.
    I love that hummingbird photo
    Hugs madi and cecilia

  3. Toby does not miss Euba. He does miss Laura, who is at band camp this week.

    1. Hari OM
      Oh I am sure of it! It was so funny that morning when I came round the corner and caught the furry pair nosing each other though; just wasn't quick enough with the Fudge! Yx

  4. So much life and creativity in Joanne's household. Your account of the trip gets richer by the day. You had so many wonderful experiences over such a relatively short time. A lot to process. Did you ever feel overwhelmed?
    Cheers, Gail.

    1. Hari OM
      Interesting question! D'ya know, it was all such a tightly time-budgeted thing, that I really didn't have a moment to think about being overwhelmed - but when I got to Halifax, the last two days were needed to 'decompress', as will be related. Writing up these posts is doing the "dewhelming" for me I think... but they are going to be more than three weeks worth after all!!! Am actually quite astounded how much I did manage and when relating the tales to my aunt on Wednesday, actually said that for all it was but three weeks, it felt like three months! Now all seems like a dream of course. Yxx

  5. What beautiful quilts! Anyone who has a long arm is serious! Oh, and the bug? Gross but a good shot just the same!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. I cannot even imagine having room for that machine. We love the wild life around you. This morning the big deer was in our backyard. Must have leaped the fence ~ well it is just an easy jump for them.
    Sweet William The Scot

  7. Well, I missed this post, sorry. That is quite the setup for quilting and weaving. I have a couple of crafty friends in Missouri that had looms. One even helps gather, process and spin wool. She and another friend paint. Then there is the jewelry making, glass melting and pottery. Amazing folks are your friends, also. janice xx


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