'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menocyclical Menolyrical - Final Friday rerun

This one came about as an early contender in the Mayor Doodz Fractured Friday Hairy Tails series...

Kali-Bindu sat silent. Meditative.  

Blinking at her, I offered pennies for thoughts. Still the silence settled between us. I lay down on the concrete.  Not exactly the most welcoming surface, but I could see that unless I showed some level of deference, this conversation was going to remain very one-sided. 

Kali-Bindu didn't even twitch her nose.  Her tail moved not one millimetre. Not the slightest shift in position. 

I slid forward very slowly, opening my mouth a little, panting with the effort.

"Stop right there!" Her voice was so suddenly there, I stopped out of surprise as much as compliance.

Letting out a whuffing sigh, Kali-Bindu started talking. "Puppies.  Every year they come, they drain, they muck up, they disappear. Some are good.  Some not so much. THIS lot now? Total tyrants the lot of them. All males.  All alpha. All greedy as the pigs in the next street. Then, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, five turn into six...." She stopped and looked pointedly at me.

Darn it, but my tail started up all on its own, the back end just wouldn't stop wriggling. I snuck a bit closer again. 

"I don't have the milk to give you pup, off with you!"

Unable to help myself, I scampered right up to her and turned somersaults all round her. I tried to kiss her cheek and nibble a teet. Her nose came round and nudged me sideways. 

"Steady on little girl, I'm a bit tender there... how come you're on your own anyway?"

"A man took me from mother...and...and...and... it was miles and miles and miles and milesssssssss from here...and...and...then I ran away cuz his little boy kept pulling my tail and hitting my head and...and...and....."

Kali-Bindu nosed me again.  "Come on then, over to the bushes.  I need to lie down and sleep. You drink all you need. If my boys turn up, you have to fight for your place. Okay?"

I leaped for joy. "Okayokayokayokayokay......"

(c) Yamini Ali MacLean  2014

Kali = black, Bindu = drop.

NB: Observers visiting yesterday may have noticed the mysterious disappearance of my blogroll listing on right sidebar. No idea how, but Blogger appears to have removed them completely from my template (as of late arvo 29th). Am posting this note just so all those who were on there know this was not my choice!!! If things do not right themselves within the week (as they sometimes do and may already have, making this message irrelevant) then I shall have to reset my blog. ...shrugs shoulders and mutters into chins....#$(@*$(*@%)#@%*@)*


  1. Oh no blogger is getting a little pushy. I didn't have a blog roll so I haven't notice but now I wonder if there has been a restructure there.
    I enjoyed your FFHT
    Hugs cecilia

  2. Nice story.
    Blogger only fools with my followers, adding and subtracting at will.

  3. Hi YAM
    that mom looks like her teats are getting a real workout! janice

  4. currently weird things happen in the blogosphere... I'm no tallowed to use my account because I'am not me... huh? wonder who I am :o)

  5. Love the little story. What a lucky pup that is.

    No problems with Blogger so far, but then again, you never know what they come up with next...

  6. Hello, love the story and the cute doggie. My blog roll is still there, I had to go back and look after reading this post. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


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