…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menopugglement - Turning In Circles

Let me first say thanks to those who extended thoughts and prayers re the sciatica. Thing is, I rarely ever discuss my health; for one thing, the Rheumatoid Arthritis has been around since schooldays, so it is just a part of life and, whilst inconvenient at times, I have refused to let it infringe on my activities.  The CFS was also highly inconvenient, but again one dealt with it and, ultimately overcame it. This latest bombardment is entering the third week of 'jip', but I need to refocus and get back on track here.

Did you know that you won't find 'jip' as such in any dictionary. More often it is seen as 'gyp' and is considered a slanderous usage in reference to Gypsies and means to swindle or cheat. However, there was a usage from a lot of old soldiers (mainly) who would complain of war wounds giving them a bit of 'jip'... and what seems to have escaped most word sources is that this arises from good ol' forces tendency to make everything an acronym ... Jolly Inconvenient Pain... at least that's what my grandad told me and there was no reason to disbelieve him!

Moving on... why the title? Well, for those familiar with the menoctionary, it indicates there's a level of exhaustion and befuddlement. It means that getting the thinking straight is a bit of a challenge. I know that I have to cover all the fun of Edinburgh (with even funner piccies) for you... but I also want to cover, as promised, some more points on recent changes taking place in the ethersphere.

Let's start with something 'up' eh? I need that and am sure you do too. No more whinging.

I had gone over to Edinburgh to support Mac1 in her charity run on the 13th November. Unexpectedly though, she invited me to go with her to her regular Parkrun on the Saturday morning (12th). She had gifted me the Maestro's "shooting stick" so that I could sit between times. What I didn't know was that there was an 'official' photographer for the group there. He got me.

Image copyright to Micheal Newton of Parkrun

The morning, as stated last Monday, was bright and beautiful, after a heavy night of rain. A large turnout was very gratifying for the organisers. Parents with prams... and peeps with pups... schoolkids and grandparents. Everyone is welcome to enter. The pup you see here is 12 year old Uske, a retired guide dog. His mum was on patrol and dad was running that day. At 75 yrs, he is fitter than many half his age.

Uske posed for the Fudge. Is he not a noble, handsome fellow?!

He was by no means the largest doggy there... that prize went to Fido. Even as great danes go, Fido is an absolute monster and his mama could barely keep him under control. They would normally run, but both had had minor surgical procedures so were only there to cheer.

Mac1 was also on volunteer monitor duty; as the 'back runner'. This meant she had to be the last in line at all times. As the last were walking only, it meant she was a long time. I was grateful for that seat-stick but am wondering if using it  may have been the beginnings of sciatica problem. It was the first thing that was very different for me that weekend.

Anyway, at 0930h exactly, off the runners went.

Lots more views coming your way tomorrow!


  1. Bravo bravo Yam I love you portable chair and especially your hat!!
    You and your Fudge were stylin'...what gorgeous pups too
    Hug C

  2. Tried twice to leave a comment including a photo of me on my folding cane-chair but to no avail, so will e-mail that. Meanwhile I love, of course, the dog photos, but mostly love you for getting out to support Mac1 in a footrace. You are an exemplary friend, providing moral support even when you're in pain.

  3. Wow, that dalmatian is an expert poser! Nice photos. Here we call the back runner a sweeper. Looks very damp. Hope you get outside the circle!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Interesting about the etymology of 'jip'.
    And now you have me wondering whatever happened to my father's old shooting stick.

  5. how fun is that? So good to see you in a photo, too!
    The dogs, amazing... horses, really! xo

  6. I have horrible time trying to figure out title to my blog. In my mid teens we had a great dane, Louie overly friendly.
    Coffee is on

  7. Great photos. The best photo is the one with you in it!

    Aroo to you,

  8. Oh, those puppers are just adorables! Such great photos! I thinks Ma needs one of those stick chairs! Looks like a FABulous time!
    Ruby ♥

  9. Of course the best photo is the one with you in it, which is really saying something because you know how I love dogs.
    Take good care of yourself, my dear friend.


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