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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoffagainorrhoea; Bonny's Middle Land

On Monday and Tuesday's posts this week you saw and read a little of the meeting I had with Bertie and Gail at Killin. You hopefully also read Bertie's post about the warm welcome we received at the Luib Hotel. The building was a two star place to be fair, but the hosts were five star! The short-comings of the fabric were overcome by the subtler, more personable quality of service ... and a roaring log fire. It also instilled a little Christmas cheer. The following images were taken with the YAMroid and are thus of very poor quality, but they demonstrate they ambiance well, I believe.

I'm pretty sure Bertie was in doggy bliss right here!!!

Jim and Mary had only just taken over management of the property, so things were a little bit more relaxed than perhaps might have been the case at another time... but really that worked in our favour.

As a vegetarian, my meals were specially prepared for me both evenings and whilst it could never be accused of being fine-dining, it was well-prepared, filling and tasty food. Breakfasts included a truly delicious fruit salad and hot food of our own choosing. I don't think it would be beyond the bounds to say that, given the weather we had to deal with, a large part of our break together was made the better for having found such an amenable pair of hosts.

Anyhoo - onwards with activity on the Wednesday; which, yes, dawned every bit is as gloomy as the day before.

We decided to stop first in Killin, so that B&G could explore the falls a little for themselves. After that we stopped at the gift shop where I was able to purchase a toy for Bertie. After this, we dropped to the other end of town and took a walk towards the head of Loch Tay... B&G were able to make the most of that, however it was just a tad too uneven and extremely slippery for yours truly, so I halted a short way in, but made the best of it that I could to take photographs (watch out for next Me-Now-Views).  As I waited for my pals to complete their exercise, I was approached by a lady and her Border Collie called Rocky, who reassured me they had met Bertie and Gail and that they would be returning... at which point they did, thus we shared a little more time as Bertie and Rocky got acquainted. Now some Fudge-pics... whose quality is not a whole lot better than the YAMroid's on this occasion!

By this time it was again heading over the midday hour and we then took off along the North side of the loch to the town of Aberfeldy...

More tomorrow!

Remember there was in interactive map on Monday's post, if you wish to track our route.


  1. My peeps used to go to Killin, what a beautiful place AND….you met Bertie!!!! Woohoo!!!
    What fun
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Truly a beautiful place even in the rain. When traveling you just go prepared for the climate and everything falls into place. Like when we went to Alaska. Friends said why are you going to Alaska it is cold and I ADDED BEAUTIFUL and I have the proper clothes. I WILL enjoy every moment.
    Hugs HiC

  3. Is your rocks volcanic rock?....Your snow people makes me smile. It sure doesn't look cold there. We have about 12 (-11.)
    So both Daisy and go in the warm basement and play fetch...we're both wimps.
    Coffee is on

  4. Especially love that last picture of Bertie and Rocky.

  5. Looks like it was a really homey place! We would love to have shared such an experience! The photos are beautiful!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. What a GRAND place to take your Lodging... BERTIE was fur SURE in 87th Heaven in that tummy rubbing photo.
    OMD the beautiful OUTDOOR PICTURES... They are astonishing. Maybe it was that BERTIE was in them... hehehe NO we think it was because they were of a Beautiful AREA.
    Bertie got a new toy?

  7. YAM, the photo of Gail holding the umbrella with Bertie checking out the surroundings is my favorite of this group. janice xx

  8. that is a beautiful place... and I love that you got specially prepared meals... that was super nice.

  9. Hello, what a pretty place. I love the falls. The dogs are a favorite too. Great series of photos.

  10. I always think that as long as a room is clean and has a proper working shower and toilet, it can be a bit shabby. But service is very important. I stayed at some 4 star hotels with really poor service and at 2 star hotels with lovely service.

  11. It's so lush and beautiful!
    We're in the depths of a polar vortex. The wetlands are filling up, and that is good. It's quite frozen. Cheery photos! xx

  12. Wonderful accommodation and so many sights to see...I would be quite overwhelmed with it all. xx


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