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MenOZiscences - Foodie Friday

Today, I thought to show the food of the flights... I rarely photograph what I am eating - not top of my list of subjects. However, sometimes it does add interest to a travelogue. The business class standard on Etihad is top notch (apart from one fail on the flight from Abu Dhabi to Chicago where it went spectacularly wrong as the flight attendant was clearly new...). It was going to be interesting, therefore, to compare Singapore Air's presentation. In business, the meals are served on a tray, but with linen and proper cutlery etc., and this was the same with SingA. However, the starter was so dry as to be like cardboard. The only thing I could eat and relish was that little pot of curd - it was fabulous.

The main course had something of a mono-colour-theme and there had definitely been an Indonesian twist applied to the 'Indian' meal. The paneer had been prepared as if it was tofu, in some kind of batter. Yeeechhh 😞 The dahl was pretty good and the rice fine... the peas had something unidentifiable about them...

Switch, now, to the first class cabin on the Etihad flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi. This is full table service, no trays involved. The on-board chef, Ronni, advised me that a vegetarian pre-arranged meal was on board, but that he thought I may prefer to take the option from the a la carte menu, which he would prepare himself. I took him up on the offer!

First, though, some nibbles with sparkling water.

The fork was surplus to requirements! Those olives were scrumptious, the nuts warm and lush and the items on the right seemed to be different seeds wrapped in spiced shells and very tasty they were too!

Meal time and along came a little surprise - an amuse bouche of poached quail's egg with a bread crumb and aioli (forgive the lack of focus, was in a hurry to taste!);

Next was the advertised carrot and coriander soup - could have had two bowls of this deliciousness!

Then another little surprise, in the form of  a palette cleanser. Lemon ice crystals and rose-flavoured agar agar.

Now, am going to put in at this point a disclaimer. Just in case you all think the YAMster is rolling in dosh to be able to fly first class, you'd be wrong!

I first flew Etihad when I went to India back in 2011. I joined their loyalty program and gained a lot of points from that flight. I liked them so much, I use them wherever possible... long story short, their points program is brill, hence the upgrade!

Etihad are middle of the road in cost, but streets ahead in what you get for your money. Jus' sayin'. I don't get points for that plug!!!

Now on to the main course of this first class meal - the spinach gnocci with Tuscan warm salad and parmesan chips. O.M.G. Simply superb.

Didn't have room for any pudding after this lot! Sorry to disappoint the sweet-tooths among you.

As an aside to this, but example of the service level, I have flown SingA, Malaysian, BA and Qantas several times, but at no time have any of them done as Etihad have... 'Welcome back Miss MacLean'! Not only onboard, but at the airports too... At Edinburgh when I left back in January, the senior ground staff made a point of chatting and again, as I left Sydney, the welcome was there, 'thank you for flying with us again Miss MacLean'. I can tell you from experience, this applies as much in Economy class as it does in First. It does rather spoil one for any other travel!!!


  1. Oh Aunty Yam, I have just had my dinner bowl butt seeing all this YUMMY foodables has made me hungry again…and I finks I've just drooled a bit on the keyboard, oophs!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Oh My Goodness! we are lucky to get a cookie or peanuts!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. OH MY... you were truly treated to some PERSONAL and Wonderful Service. Customer Care and Appreciation are Alive and WELL with THAT airline. Good on them.

  4. In the service industry, it's about service. Shame that's not mentioned often in the job descriptions, and how long it takes some service providers to figure it out. Or not.

  5. You make a compelling case for flying Etihad!

  6. Wow, quite a difference! Did you have to give a preference ahead of time or take what you get?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Hari OM
      I always book Hindu Vege meal... but as mentioned here, Ronni persuaded me to ignore that and go for what he could produce in the kitchen; wasn't going to refuse that!!! Yxx

  7. Ronni cooked that in flight like a master chef. I'm drooling!
    Sweet William The Scot

  8. Wow - that is some good food for an airplane. Mom flew for the airlines for more years than she will admit. Even as captain the best she got was some stale peanuts and the occasional "mystery meat" sandwich. Now, it's worse. Domestic flying you're lucky to get a pine cone and bowl of gruel.

  9. Am I seeing split pea soup. Been trying to talk my hubby making some.
    Coffee is on

  10. that looks great... better than the sandwiches from Ryanair LOL

  11. Being a non-vegetarian (I add bacon to your delicious pumpkin soup), that last dish you showed had me drooling. So, I can be persuaded if the right thing comes along!

  12. Oh it was so interesting to read the details of the delicious meals you enjoyed while flying by Etihad. The curd Kuja looked so cute with firmly set curd. My Taste buds are trying to feel your foodie experience!

  13. What a wonderful experience! The food from first class looks yummy. And now I need a salty snack! namaste janice xx

  14. I love that disclaimer! You deserve first class!


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