'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

MenOZiscences - reviewing the Down Under Parts

After that meeting with SR, there were only five days left and into those were fitted a return visit to the 'art class' up at Berowra with MyrO et al, and lunch with MyrO after (Tues); a day trip to the Western 'burbs to visit with an elderly friend and her niece (Wed); final shopping trip and hair cut - yes! Had eight inches off my long locks. It only happens once a decade! (Thurs); Mahaa Shivraatri celebrations at the Sydney ashram (Fri); family time with Emm and co and getting packed (Sat).

Sunday was take off. You'll recall I had attempted to use up my points on a business class seat but that got all complicated so just booked regular and used the points to upgrade to first class. This meant the flight to Abu Dhabi only. The eight hour stretch from there to Edinburgh is business class only... one can dream that one day Etihad'll think of expanding on that! The flights themselves were of the standard I have come to expect of that airline - however, for reasons peculiar, there were no air-bridges available at either AUH or EDI, so had to endure the air lift contraptions which are used for those of us on wheelchair assist. Far from first class, that carryon! However, one simply has to be patient and accept that the same reasons the seat I wanted was unavailable were the reasons for this particular inconvenience... even the ground staff at the Etihad lounge couldn't explain why there seemed to be a huge increase in traffic on this particular week.

Let's blame the new moon, eh... as good as any other explanation!

As we flew round over the South West part of Sydney, the extension of the urban reach was clear to see... it is the fastest developing area in a very speedily developing city. I was astounded at the changes I observed just from the previous visit a mere 14 months earlier.

We flew a slightly different route to what I have seen before, taking us over South Australia and the salty Lake Torrens. Australia once had a central ocean, hence all the ground water, even up into the red centre, is salty. This lake was clearly visible, due to the extreme high temps of the 'hottest summer on record' and subsequent dehydration.

After this we flew into the night, so that is, essentially, the final photo taken on the borrowed point and shoot camera (I did miss the Fudge!). All that remains to share with you is the meal from the fancy-shmansy cabin. Tomorrow...


  1. hehehe Blame the MOON... OR... the WEATHER. hehehe
    Beautiful picture from high up there.

  2. Mum reckons the rate of growth in Sydney is frightening. The amount of units going up, in and around the city, is far and away more than the roads can cope with and she is worried it will change a beautiful city and surrounds into a very ordinary modern looking slum area. The beautiful old homes etc. that have been demolished to make way for these eyesores is a disgrace. Our harbour foreshores, once beautiful, are now inundated with these monstrosities.
    Sorry ..... but Mum loves this city and is worried for it. There is a LOT of land in Australia. Why can't we go out instead of up????

  3. Never seen a jet from Australia or flown over any big body of water.
    Coffee is on

  4. We got a new moon?? When did that happen? And what was wrong with the old moon? I bet it was too many people taking a bite out of it because they thought it was made of cheese. Well, let's just hope this new moon will last longer than the old one.

  5. yes... we blame it on the moon... your photos from high above are stunning... I'm a chicken and rarely fly, but if then you can place a bet that I always get a seat near the wings where I can see... zero...

  6. I must admit I was a bit taken aback when we visited home - things sure have changed a lot. That is always a problem when you leave the country - memories tend to get frozen in the time we left and when we go back 10 years later - it is nothing like we remember :)

  7. Hello, wonderful views from the plane. I always enjoy a window seat. Have a happy day!

  8. YaYa what amazing photos from the plane. My word if I didn't know better I would think you were standing on the wing snapping away
    Hugs madi and HiC

  9. We felt fancy just being in business class. Once a friend upgraded us to first class when on a business trip but that flight was only about 2 hours. Still very nice! The point and shoot did a good job of showing the earth below. Lovely. namaste janice xx


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