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MenOZiscences; reviewing the Down Under Parts

My home in OZ was in the Northern suburbs of the greater Sydney metropolis, in Asquith. It was a little village serving all the surrounding orchards originally. The nearest 'big' town was Hornsby, where the railway reached; from here all the fresh produce could be ferried down to the city markets. Now, of course, they are all part of the urban sprawl.

Hornsby has two sides. On the new side is the massive Westfield glass and concrete shopping town, around which are sprinkled a number of individual outlets of various kinds. One of the things to be found there is the water clock, right in the middle of the mall. This is a $2m white elephant, according to many; but others love it. The clock part has never worked. Then there are the chimes, set up with pulls upon which, on a monthly basis, some bloke in white rubber boots and sou-wester has a go at working a tune. The jury's out on that, too.

As a piece of sculpture, though, I quite like the thing. The water sprays nicely on the hot days and if you stand in the right spot, is very refreshing. The individual parts represent different flora and fauna of the shire. Local pigeons appreciate the refreshment too (check up top!).

On the old side, which was the original main street, there is an attempt by council to inject new life. It is rather a half-hearted affair, I fear. There is a brand new swimming and recreation complex behind the town gardens, which looks rather grand and is well-used. The original, art-deco Odeon cinema is run by an independent fellow and, whilst a bit less plush than the modern neigbours, is well-supported by the locals; including me! (I went to see "Hidden Figures" there and thoroughly enjoyed it.) The street-scape is a mixed bag; renewed paving and parking bays have brightened it up and one or two of the old (listed) buildings have been refurbished... but lots are looking very run down indeed and this, of course, brings down the look and feel of the whole. It pulls at the heart-strings of this architecture lover.

There are some interesting 'public installation' pieces dotted around the refurbished swimming complex. ... if this is supposed to be a mermaid, the sailors might well just drift on by!

The mural is certainly eye-catching though.

Was snapping these shots whilst waiting for SR, as we were to have our second meal together at Armero's.

The Central Corner is another of the listed buildings in Old Hornsby, (I should mention old and new are separated by the rail line), but is very poorly maintained. Am pleased to report that the food in the eatery was well up to standard; had the supery-dupery vege pizza made to order and with ingredients to my liking.  SR had the home-style bolognese.

Even remembered to take an ussie - not well, but still, another memory made.


  1. I'm enjoying these posts about bits of Australia which are off the tourist track. But I agree, the mermaid is none too appealing!
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Beautiful photos YaYa.....the ussie of you and SR is fantastic. I love veggie pizzas too.
    My favorite lately is called margarita...no clue why but it sure is good.
    My word the what an interesting water feature.

    Hugs HiC

  3. Great photos but what makes them most extra special is the wonderful tails you have to tell about them…just pawfect
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. YOUR USsie is BEAUTIFUL... the "MERMAID" not so much.
    We have been told about the Water Clock by our furend BARB who lives in Manilla, NSW. She doesn't Like it much. Her Brother lives somewhere in or around Sydney.

  5. It seems the sort of place I would like and like to kick the tires and see if it could be helped. A windmill sort of thing, I guess.

  6. Crikey Aunty ..... Hornsby ...... Oh my ...... you make it sound so interesting. Mum thinks it and it's shopping centre and it's fountain is the pits. It was nice once but like most places in Australia the good is pulled down and the new and ugly is built and then left to deteriorate into a sorry state. We are getting better at preserving the old in some places and I'm sure one day it will all come good but right now ...... yuk!!!!!

  7. thanks for a super tour... the mamas eyes were glued to the fish and chips store immediately hahahaha

  8. That mermaid looks like a right old hag! But then again, there are some who like that sort of thing as well I guess.

  9. Hello, what a cute place. I love the sculpture and the mosaic mural. Great tour of the village. Have a happy day!

  10. I was thinking merman. There are places like this in every city and burg it seems. Likewise, it seems every city has a project that falls just short of expectations. Thanks for sharing your adventures. namaste janice xx

  11. The mermaid reminds me of a beautiful cameo stone with its raised relief. The old truck in a prior post filled with stones and succulents and cedar that is recycled art for sure. The contrast is quite different but then that is what makes the world interesting.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Oh an did you take a bite into a forbidden "apple"? I thought that was adorable in the other post.


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