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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosukhi - all about the meeses

Our blogpal Mara, she who is owned by the divine Miss Oswin and a certain bear called Brom, has opened up a new bloggy called 'Mice For Mama'. some of you will know that Mara has been knitting - and a fine knitter she is too... and that a lot of the time the things being knitted are mice. Yes. Lots of mice... meeses. (It's my meno, I'll call them what I want to...) What Mara decided, particularly since her own mama has recently undergone treatment for same, is to sell the meeses and use the profits to go to bowel cancer charity. Specifically, Mara says...
The Stomach, Liver and Bowel Foundation is a charity that supports all 2 million patients in the Netherlands that deal with problems in the belly area, like bowel cancer and Crohn's disease. It helps finance and facilitate research and it educates and helps patients and their families.
So you see, this is quite an important little project. I was onto it straight away. The order went in. The emails flew back and forth. The PayPal worked brilliantly. The boxes got packed and posted... they took nine days to arrive, but arrive they did! I am now the proud owner of the following meeses (three of which will go as Christmas gifts to the Macs - as long as I remember I shopped already!) -

This is "L001", now renamed Looey...

...and he will be mine.

This is "S007", being renamed as Bond...

Just Bond.

This is "S017". New name is Soosie the Moosie.

This is "S015" and will now be known as Soffee.

This is "S013" who will henceforth be called Shriek...

...and he will be mine...

The alert among you will have noted the naming convention was dictated by their numbers.

The Hutch is thus a little more populated! Let me tell you, as soon as the meeses jumped out of their boxes*, they made their personalities known. There is Love of the capital kind in these little critters and, perhaps, just a wee bit of mischief. The small chaps and chapesses exude style and panache, whilst the big fella is a bit more 'cazjh', but not brash. They are exceedingly well made - these will be life-long pals.

(*there were two boxes because the large mice are actually about three times the bulk of the small; so it was a three and two situation... but if you are ordering small, I think one or two might easily post in a bubble-pack, but up to five could come in a box... Mara will work it out with you, so don't be afraid to ask!)

I encourage everyone to check out the MICE FOR MAMA and see whether one or more catches your eye... you won't regret it, I promise!!!


  1. Hello, the cancer charity is a great cause. The mice are so cute, I love their names too. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  2. YaYa thank you for this post. I keep meaning to check it out but forget. I'm heading over right now. They are adorable.
    Hugs HiC

    1. Hari OM
      THEY ARE! Trust me on this - they are even better to hold than you can see from the images. My new neighbour was holding one yesterday and was delighted with them... she is a teacher of primary school kids, so very up on quality and desirability! But really, you don't have to have kids to have one of the meeses - bring out your inner child and indulge!!! Yxx

  3. Just submitted my order for S011 it is colored like madi and her birth day is the 11the of March
    S001 for me my birth month is January
    Thank you!!

    1. Hari OM
      oooooooooooo ... I was looking at them again this evening and S001 was one I had my eye on... I am SO glad you have chosen it... and S011 is, of course, younger brother to S007 Bond, Just Bond!!! congrats and I can't wait to hear what you think - they are just making me smile all over!!! Yxx

    2. AND I bet there's red on it somewhere, aye??

    3. Actually Charlie, the only two without any red on them at all are Bond and the other black and white one. All the others have a red nose, no matter what their colouring!

  4. Mara is quite talented and the mice are handsome!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Crikey It's cake decorating day today for Jo's unicorn birthday but I'll be ordering some of these too. I saw Mara's post but it's good to get a reminder. Thanks Yamini. I loved your naming system and what good names you came up with.

  6. Trying to decided which is our favourite. Bertie favours Bond, and I think Soffee is adorable.
    Cheers! Gail.

  7. they are so super cute... and you picked the green one, how great... it would be my pick too ;o)

  8. *Blush*
    Although I will admit you let me read it beforehand, it is still quite a pick me up to read it in the flesh so to say. The second order is being processed as we speak and hopefully some more will follow. Thank you again for this amazing plug!

    Mara (of the Mice for Mama blog)

  9. Mara is quite the knitter! Namaste, janice


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