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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

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Today, Orthodox Christians everywhere will celebrate the Transfiguration of Christ. Quite often this is taken as representing proof of Jesus being 'God'. Which is fine, if you accept 'God' as an entity separate from yourself. However, it may be that this is only the 'surface' part of the significance. Could it be there is another level of meaning?

❝... In fact, what if the point of the Transfiguration isn’t just to show how Jesus is different from us (He’s divine) but also to show something about how He’s like us (He’s human)? What if the glory that burst from Jesus on the mountain wasn’t just divine glory but human glory as well—the kind of glory that all those united with Jesus will one day share? Put another way, what if what Peter, James, and John saw that day in the face of Jesus was a mirror image of their future selves?❞

That quote is from an article at Christianity Today. It makes an argument for looking beyond the 'flashing lights'. Which, of course, is the Vedantic approach! Returning to reading the Christian texts after studying Advaita Vedanta, even at a basic level, it soon becomes apparent that Jesus made the most of his time between the ages of 12 and 30 years. If ever you have had the great blessing of meeting an Indian mahaatmaa and seeing 'the glow' in their eyes, experiencing the energy which radiates from them, then the phenomenon that was Christ is not at all difficult to accept and neither is His 'transfiguration' - He was a Realised Master and the disciples witnessed it.

It would require an entire book, or more, to draw appropriate comparison and to demonstrate how much got lost in translation by those who sought to carry on the work of Christ; but the message is there, for those who have ears...


  1. Thank you Aunty for this very special post.
    Happy Sunday
    Hugs madi and mom

  2. You present much to think about. I haven't mentioned this on the 10 Blog but I have been doing some introspection (and changing my beliefs) regarding some long help assumptions and understandings. When the time is right, and when I can present it without it being so "explosive", I will write a post. This journey began with this book: https://www.harpercollins.com/9780062362308/biblical-literalism-a-gentile-heresy

    Journey onward!


    1. Hari OM
      Carol, I admire and respect Mr Spong very much. Had he the chance to fully explore Vedanta, he would find much to recognise. He 'gets' the science of spirit. It has nothing to do with all the trappings which so often purport to be 'faith'... yet there is also a place for doctrine and ritual, as long as it is properly understood. I have all his Chitaqua talks plus other lectures on my YouTube Science v Spirit collection (as well as a few with different POV) which you may enjoy, if you are not already familiar. Blessings, Yxx

  3. Although I subscribe to atheism - I respect those who dedicate a life to loving and helping others through their beliefs.

  4. great introspection exercise to read this post. Namaste Janice xx


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