'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menofizzle; the blotted eclipse

You may recall there was a major solar event recently. As a keen amateur space and cosmos watcher, I have had the good fortune to witness a number of eclipses, mostly partial, but there was also a total eclipse over NSW in 2002, which was quite something. At the time I had two telescopes and was able to project the event for a group of pals in my back yard.

This latest one was going to be a 5-ish% partial over the UK. As I didn't yet have Li'l Ren released from her internment, I requested the father to drive myself and neighbour M out to the coast, with a chance of a clear view to the NW, where the setting sun would afford us this opportunity. Naturally, the Scottish climate had other ideas.

This was the brightest moment we got and it was at the point when the eclipse was just about over anyway - somewhere up there behind that blanket of water vapour.


Still. We had a pleasantly scenic run and I treated them to tea; classic fish'n'chips for M and scampi and chips for the father - I had chips with a vege burger thing. It was okay - actually more than okay, because it was eaten with the fingers out of brown paper and beside the sea. All food food tastes good that way!

We had parked beside a reserve and decided to brave a walk along the board-bridge over the marsh.

There were not as many birds as I would have hoped to see at that time of the day on a low tide; however we did spot (at great distance, hence the grainy image) some roe deer grazing. It was neighbour M who spotted them actually. She was concerned that despite all the signs, someone had brought their dogs onto the reserve! It took the stretch of Fudge's lens to prove that they were not canine but cervidae!

We  may not have witnessed the eclipse, but it was quite a blissful couple of hours on a late summer evening. Even Shriek enjoyed himself.


  1. Roe Deer are quite interesting and a new species of deer to me.
    Shriek is such an easy going compatible mouse
    Hugs HiC

  2. I haven't seen the word roe since my childhood romantic novels.

  3. those are cute little deer. I bet it smelled wonderful there. stella rose

  4. Hello, pretty landscapes. Love the deer.

  5. Love deer. We see deer almost everyday.
    We saw 0 eclipse in our part of the world.

  6. We had 98% of the eclipse at our house. It was so pretty
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. there is nothing better than to sit near the sea while eating something from brown papers with your fingers... that's the freedom huckleberry finn meant once ;o)

  8. I had a friend who used to eat her cream filled buns with knife and fork. The thought alone was bad enough! Some things are meant to be eaten with your hands. And when it's in the open air, beside the sea or in a forest: even better (although cream filled buns will NOT make it that far).

  9. We had nothing but overcast skies on the Northern California coast on the eclipse day. All too typical for us. Beautiful pictures and I do especially like the bridge. Glad to see that Shriek was along for the outing.

  10. Hubby asked for us to go on a Jeep ride on Tuesday to a particular restaurant and state park. Hour and a half later we discovered the place closed for the day. Still lovely countryside and good German food at a different location. Made lemonade out of the lemon.

  11. That board bridge pic is serene. Nice walk!

  12. I had such fun with our partial eclipse. I'm sorry yours didn't turn out, but it looks like a fun trip!


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