…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menokakkul...errrr.. maybe not... more a Menosukhi

Instead of a giggle today, how about a paper-hanky job? Blogger Angus pointed his readers towards this a few weeks back and it took me a while to listen to it myself... then, of course I had to start researching it; after all, he's an Aussie AND an honourary Scot!!!

First, have a listen; (go on, click that link... it's only 23 minutes of your day and I know you'll love it).

So in that you heard all the bits about the race and a bit about Dion himself... but in this vid clip, you get to hear more about the 'missing days' of Gobi...

...and if all that wasn't enough and you're keen for more, why not pop over to Dion's tubular channel "Finding Gobi" and watch all his personal clips.

Despite all the stuff I found and the apparent media storm, I somehow never heard of this pup and her peep until now... did any of you???


  1. Hi YaYa
    Sometime ago someone sent me a link to this video maybe it came up on my computer one day. Truly an amazing story...they are soul Mates!
    Hugs HiC

  2. We did know about Gobi and as a matter of fact the ebook was just offered for $2,99!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Hari OM
      it's five quid here ($6.70 ish), so more than double for the UK. It's on my wish list though! Yxx

  3. We had recently seen a short video on Facebook showing Gobe, but had no idea of all she had been through! Thanks soooo much for sharing this!

  4. No never heard of Gobi ~ but a cutie ~ ^_^

    ( A ShutterBug Explores)

  5. We too had just seen something about Gobi recently - we will have to watch this!
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. that was so touching... many thanks for sharing...

  7. Wow, what a wonderful story. Gobi is a tough little dog, so glad there was a happy ending.

  8. How cool is that!!! Namaste, Janice xx

  9. I've been following Gobi's story since it was first reported. I downloaded the Kindle book and am part way through reading it. I can't wait for the movie too.



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