'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolyrical; The Glimpse

Further to the NaNoWriMo situation... the prep has been going well; the teaching and photo blogs pre-posted up to end of year, more or less, and this one plugged in with as much as possible with the regular bits, such as Menorise and the Sunday offerings... bit of cheat there insofar as not words but meditative music clips have been chosen - as much as possible centred on Heart and Love of the capital kind.

Meanwhile, within the NaNo site, there are all sorts of prompts and tools available (some of you know this already); things like forums to connect with other writers on various aspects, webinars from HQ with little exercises to interact with, actual goal-measuring on your personal page... seeing oneself working ahead of the graph is very satisfying! That's how I got the blogs done. Also used one to get a proper outline down on the page and some character work prep. That was a bit of a challenge because, actually, have had the main ones living with me for quite a few years now and am pretty clear on who they are anyway. Still; good practice.

Part of the process is to 'announce the novel'. This is daunting. It makes something real which doesn't exist yet. Even calling this thing I am going to attempt 'a novel' sounds corny to me. But I'll join the chorus... Unless you are signed up to the site, you can't see a writer's progress; I have therefore screen-printed the synopsis and 'opening gambit' for you to take a gander. Whether what you read here will be in the final thing... if there ever IS a final thing... who knows? (You probs have to biggify so's not to strain your eyes... )


  1. Ohhhhh YaYa 'the air was fresh'...is a great opening.
    We are surely going to be your cheer leaders on this journey.
    Your writing always inspires us as I know it will others.
    Hugs HiC

  2. I agree with HiC. Love the FRESH AIR... It makes me think COOL and CRISP thoughts. That is a lovely way to begin a new adventure.

  3. Your writing is beautiful. We want MORE:)

  4. Looks like you are off to a nice start - cheering you on!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. I've done the novel thing before but it been a while.

  6. OMD, that is so cool! I likes it!
    Ruby ♥

  7. A novel things have moved on a lot good on you.

  8. you are a very talented writer... I can see it while reading... and that makes you technically to an illustrator too ;o)
    I once joined a nanowrimo story... fortunately I was one of the first writers... it can become a challenge when you have to work with all the thoughts and ideas of all your writing mates ;o)

  9. Your writing is clear and focused. I'm adding my cheers, too.

  10. Such energy have you! namaste, janice xx


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