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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoffagainorrhoea; Fort at the Front - Parcel 2

Last Thursday is where you can find Parcel 1 - the earlier years.

Landguard continued service in the 20th century and at least some small comfort (used as a relative term) was provided when the 'ablutions' rooms were created. There were adaptations to the building to bring it up to 'modern' fortification standards and included barracks rooms, charting rooms, radio rooms... you may want to click on the images to get better viewing.

In truth, I found that 'shower room' somewhat chilling and thus held back a couple of shots from the 18th/19th century part to soften things a bit - and tomorrow's me-now-views post will hold the final images from this day at Felixstowe, not of the fort but the surrounds.


  1. That first photo of the hollow metal work and rivets is very pretty. I was a purchasing agent for a hollow metal company back in the early 80's. I was always fascinated with what could be done with it.

    What workmanship and the architecture very nice.
    The communications room and shower OM my I hope they had curtains up when I use but I expect it was in and out quickly. LOL
    Hugs HiC

  2. Mom really enjoyed reading about the barracks and seeing all the photos, BUT they made us very happy to have the comforts of home we have here:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. The text about the WW2 barrack room made me feel old when I noticed that they felt the term 'wireless' needed further explanation!
    Cheers, Gail.

  4. How we were! Good to document, lest we forget.

  5. oh that is interesting... I love it to read how things were many moons ago...

  6. WW2 histories and old forts - both are fascinating. And a little heart breaking at the same time. Nice to catch up! Hope to be more regular from now on, whew!:)

  7. Hello, The Sally Port is interesting. Neat tour of the fort. We have the Fort McHenry here in Baltimore, their barracks are a tiny step up. Have a happy day!

  8. the sinks and tub and showers are my favorite shots.. show us the others please. and the courtyard is amazing. the forts here have grass in the middle, not concrete. I like the barracks a lot... and the computer room made me laugh at them sitting in this ancient place

  9. I can almost hear the echos of the soldiers....Wonderful captures!!

  10. Eeeeewwww. We have these, too.
    What a time.

  11. Your photos show this was a place of work, hard work. Not the usual beauty of your church photos. found the communications room equipment interesting. namaste, janice xx


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