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Menolyrical; Final Friday Fiction

Today’s book of inspiration arrived in the post only last week… thank you, Princess Leah!!! It wouldn’t be for everyone, but my darling blogpal knows my interests.

Deep Sea and Foreign Going” by Rose George.
  8 – investment
12 – can act
16 – had not realised

At lightrise, not only did their own herd and that of the Rimsiders and Lakelickers gather, but also representatives from the Endriders and the Woodpointers. Hill Bert greeted the leaders of each in the centre of the group while Low Sooz mingled among the senior matriarchs offering both welcome and calm words.

As the sun hit the lower branches around the clearing, Hill Bert climbed onto the speaking mound and bellowed, long and low. Silence fell.

“Well met, friends. Thank you for heeding the word. It is especially heartening to find Endriders and Woodpointers here. I, Hill Bert of the Midforesters, was encouraged by my predecessor, Vidge the invincible, to start this discussion regarding the impending threat and taking action to protect our people from the onslaught of fire and cannibals. Vidge was not only the leader of us but accepted by all of you as most senior. As there is need for major change, it is my fervent hope that you will accept me as senior now. Vidge made an investment in my rise, and it was in ensuring this that he left us.” He paused to let this settle. Muttering among the other leaders and the matriarchs was strong, but as far as he could make out, not negative. The four other leaders stepped forward.

“We accept you,” spoke Rinku, the brother of Vidge who had become leader of the Rimsiders. The others nodded, their antlers shimmering in the rising sun.

“Then listen closely dear ones,” continued Hill Bert, now with an edge of urgency in his voice. “We can act with haste – indeed we must – for it now seems that you have all seen the encroachment from the two legs. If any of you had not realised, Vidge himself pointed the way. What I propose today will frighten many, possibly turn you against me. All I ask is that you remember Vidge and rely on his trust in me.”

Hill Bert then outlined his plan of migration to the cliffs and the jump. He was acutely aware of the angst this built among his listeners, but he pressed on.

Low Sooz watched with some awe. She saw her beloved standing high upon the mound, his voice growing stronger with each word and his tone digging into hearts and minds. Gentle, firm, insistent. He was the epitome of persuasion, and even the quivering, pregnant does began to nod in agreement as they heard how Hill Bert was convinced of their survival through this deed of daring. Neither was he allowing them time to ponder it. The migration was to begin the very next morning.

She shuddered herself, thinking of her unborn twins. She would follow Hill Bert to the cliff and beyond. Now was not the time for doubt. Would there be new life over the cliff’s edge?  The only way to know was to take that leap.

(480 words)
© Yamini Ali MacLean 2018

... this will be the last of the Hindertwig Tales... for now. Next year, I hope to return to presenting something different each month for FFF. Then again...


  1. I hope there is a new life over that cliffs edge and I wish them all the best...

  2. hope they survive the leap... I just noticed you sappy movie list. I acutally loved, Love Actually, a lot. I have seen maybe four of the rest of them.

  3. The Hindertwig Tales have had twist,turns, ups and downs and now leaps of faith. You have certainly done justice to this story but left it open to revisit.
    I will join up with your hop tomorrow morning.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. The leap to the unknown . . .hope it goes well for them.

  5. The last sentence says it all....Wonderful Yam!!!

  6. Ending on the cliff hanger - quite literally!
    I read 'Deep Sean and Foreign Going' last year - really fascinating book, shedding light on an important aspect of modern life about which most of us hear too little.
    Cheers, Gail (home and just off to pick up Bertie).


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