'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)


Well, here's a thing. A good blogpal (we 'met' almost the instant I began this hobby), "Magiceye" Deepak, is travelling in EU/UK to visit his young family, and he gave a link to his photographic social page.

Now, long-termers here will know that the YAMster is a bit anti (as opposed to 'aunty') the whole phizbook, larknoise, clickwhat carry on. I am aware that many find it useful in their lives but also see that it becomes some kind of spell upon them and rarely to the good. Then there is all the ridiculous stuff such as celebs and pollies and the dreadful tales we hear of how it seems that proper social behaviour is completely forgotten on 'social' media. It appears, from the outside, to be a melee of madness, and I find off-line life to be sufficient unto that.

There is a 'however' arriving, you may have surmised. The one application (sorry, 'app') which kinda did hold some appeal was also the one for which, I thought, it was essential to have a phone that was smarter than any phone has a right to be. Those who know me closely will know that I have an 'anti' stance against the prevalence of smart technology also. Three folk of close acquaintance are playing with gadgets sitting on a shelf and finding the reality to be somewhat less sparkly than the idea. My insides curdle when the disembodied voice confirms the instruction and has got it entirely wrong. The effort made to repeat, usually at least twice if not up to half a dozen times, what was requested over-rides the sense of walking to the radio or computer and clicking the keys to obtain the info required or music wanted. I just do not see the point. Maybe for the bedridden and immobile, but for perfectly able adults???

Moving on. I also have resisted the mobile phone craziness. Firstly, I think the expense is extortionate. Secondly, I have quite sufficient screen time with the laptop and the tablet. Thirdly, a phone is an instrument purely for voice communication as far as I am concerned. Texting is okay, but then why not email... sigh...

Returning to what started me on this post; Deepak requested that we watch his photos on the instything, as he wasn't going to be doing much with the blog in his lengthy absence. He provided a link and, to my surprise, I discovered that I could indeed view his images right here from Voovoo the Vaio. No brainy-fone was necessary. That was okay until I realised that to follow him, it was necessary - natch - to open an account. Another surprise, one could also do this via the laptop. Wasn't expecting that. Being able to view is all that one can do from this machine, though.

Of course, curiosity got the better of me and I switched to the YAMroid. In the play store, the app was found and duly installed. Gracious me. One can run the instything from there and no SIM-or phone number needed. Well, now it had my interest. Beyond the fact it involves photographs and arty images and such. Lots of piccies and minimal words makes it appealing, but the fact it can be run without having to invest in another bit of tech hardware is a bonus.

A further and highly unexpected surprise with it, though, is the video call button. I do not believe I have read or heard anywhere the mention of the fact that one can use the instything for face to face talk time.

As it has absolutely minimal (almost no) indication as to what to do when in the app and it involves just touching icons and self-discovering, this came as a total shock. Even more so for Aitch, who couldn't understand why her tablet was beeping at her way down South of the Border, down yon Suffolk way.

There it is then. The YAMster is now an instythinger. If you are also on the insty and would like to share in that way, do let me know! 

If you are not on the instything but are interested in the idea that we could have a natter face to face and don't want to use the Googly-vid (my other go to as I don't "trype"), then it could be worth considering the app solely for that convenience! I ought to put a warning here though; the YAMroid is not always switched on so if you'd like a natter, it is probs best to email and set up a mutually agreeable time - and don't worry if you are on the other side of large ponds or equators or such like, I am very time-fluid!

I know, I know, I can hear the sniggers and comments "...it's the thin end of the wedge..." Be assured, blogging will remain my one true love. But you know how I love a piccie or 87!


  1. Hi Yam,
    I totally 'get' your wariness about certain aspects of social media. #metoo!

  2. BOL what Bertie said all the way. LOL
    But I say ya to YaYa for conquering the instythingie. Well done!!
    Thank goodness blogging is your first love as it is mine.
    Hugs HiC

  3. Mom has the Instythingie but uses it mostly to keep up with the posts from the grands. She didn't know it had a talk feature either.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. I am laughing hard. I am trying to give up more screen time. I agree with every single word you wrote here. and I do not do the insta thingy and will not. I want to get off of FB and have stopped using it. for all the reasons you list here. I wish I could make it like I never did it, but that is not possible. I refuse to sign up for anything else and wish I had refused the FB thing. I can tell you FB can become addictive, even as bad as it is and the desire to pick up tablet, desktop, phone and scroll through it is hard to break... all the social stuff if addictive and also bad for us... I would find myself scrolling mindlessly on my tablet through it when I did not even want to...you can always sign up for twitter and watch the American president act like a five year old. I once accidently did the video call on FB and rang my sons wife, she did not know why her tablet was ringing.

  5. Well, Yam, I love you just the way you didn't know you were. I once was enticed onto twitter, but fortunately have no idea how to find myself there again. Instagram, though. I just don't know...

  6. I took a little over month off of facebook, best thing for one mental health. I did come back on but it very little time there now. Some time I only post once or even every other week.
    I have to say Instagram and blogging is my favor...A picture is worth 1,000 words and blog is one can be more expressive.

  7. Blogging will always be my first love....but Instagram does have its perks!

  8. I do like instagram... I'm glad that you found it!!!! It's good to have an open mind sometimes :)

  9. we were more in the pass this cup from me mode too... but meanwhile I like instagram a lot... and I met the funniest people there...

  10. Loved your post :) Welcome to Instagram.

  11. Blogging is our first love and we are only on FB - not Instagram and Twitter for us.

  12. As you know, I likewise was fighting the phone upgrade. Finally persuaded to do so before the Carolina trip. I have found the convenience of online access most helpful on trips. Plus, downloaded a couple of books for reading. Sure lighter than lugging book, too. No lugging the laptop through security in addition to camcorders, two camera and a Cpap made the flight inspection a bit easier. Always a slight pat down due to metal knees. I had the Instagram on my computer to follow family and a few friends. Still not posting many photos. I do not even remember my screen name. But maybe in the future! namaste, janice xx

  13. Although we are on instagram we rarely post anything there
    Mabel & Hilda

  14. I was using Instagram, but I stopped. It's a giant repository for photos, but they take your information, and collect data, as with Facebook. I prefer blogs, where I can read the background to carefully curated photos. You have fun, though!

  15. So good to know you are on Instagram. Following you right away 😊


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