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Menolert; raising awareness

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Regular readers who have been around for some time know that I have a keen interest in how we can reduce the weight of our footprints upon our environment. As a reminder, or for newcomers, here are a few of my previous posts;

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I know you all to be very aware of the need to take some responsibility, but I also know how hard it can be to maintain the stance of 'activist'. It is important, therefore, to keep checking in and giving - or finding - reminders such as these posts.

Over at Travels With Birds, blogpal David has broken away from the avian and contributed a wonderful post on how to change one's usage. His wife, Miriam, has sewing skills and you will find on that link some amazing inspiration. Even for sewing idiots like myself, the concept of the produce bags ought to be easy to recreate.

Mind you, I have created a couple more of my bag-from-bags (see the project link above). However, they do carry a bit of weight in themselves, so cannot serve quite the same purpose as a full replacement for the plastic bags used to measure fruit and veg on the shop scales.

Do visit David's post and see if you can take away at least one idea to put into practice!


  1. Miriam bags and sewing skills and ideas for recycling are amazing. I love that beautiful bird in their header too
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Will pop over. We have our own grocery bags. We use very few paper towels. I bought beeswax food wrap. We have silicon liners to replace paper and tinfoil. By law we have to compost. I am always looking for new ways to cut some garbage. In 2021 single use plastic will be banned in Canada.

  3. Had a look now following.

  4. I am such a proponent. I even use bamboo toilet paper, and even more unmentionables. Did you know you can buy fabric panty liners.

  5. there are a lot of good ideas and we all can do a little bit to lower the trash piles of da world with reusing things... I really wonder why we buy plastic boxes to freeze stuff... our granny always used empty boxes from things she bought anyway... and even when it looks dated we stick with that habit ;O)

  6. We all need nudge now and then. Thanks!

  7. Hi Yam - thanks for this ... I'm behind reading David's posts ... but saved to be read over the weekend. As we all know it's essential we do what we can to help reduce unnecessary waste and I do what I can ... recycling where possible and not buying or being given plastic bags when shopping ...

    The thing I'd like to happen is yes keep things as simple as possible ... and keep the locality tidy - don't ever litter ... sometimes I think I live in a third world country around the roads down here ...

    Anyway - I'm off my high horse now ... cheers Hilary

  8. Your post is timely. I thought only India is beset with piles and piles of plastic waste. At the moment the problem seems insurmountable as the citizenry fails to do its duty.Of course the Govt.through TV, radio and and print media ads is trying hard to create awareness!

  9. great post and his wife is super talented. those of us without creative skills or sewing skills can find many ways to reduce what we use without creating our own bags. we gave up paper towels years ago. I have a friend who uses a roll a day.. also we never buy single use water in bottles, that is the big thing in USA billions of plastic bottles every day. I see one person shopping with 56 bottles and think is that every week? that is the easiest thing we can do. stop those single use bottles of soda and water.

    1. Hari OM
      I am inclined to agree - if we could conquer the bottle issue, we'd be a very long way towards the better side of conservation! Yxx

  10. Tupperware! I still use a small cup I used when I was a child and there are still containers in the house that date from a long time ago. I now have a new bottle (the one that opened in my bag the other day, grumble) which holds a liter and is brilliant. Tap water, bottle, done! No rubbish, not expensive.

  11. Good article. namaste, janice xx

  12. Thanks for spreading the word, YAM.


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