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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menotwittering; No, Not That...

British garden birds are renowned for their sweet voices - most of them. One of the best is the Blackbird. The male is the dominant singer, the female saving her voice for emergencies. They are quite territorial and if you have one take up residence in your garden, then you are likely to see it raise a family or three.

Every evening, almost without fail, our local bloke sits high and serenades us. The other night, in spite of the rain, he was it handsomely!

I found a recording (though it is actually taken in Denmark!) Do enjoy it...


  1. Well the common blackbird has a lovely melodious song...thank you for finding a recording.
    I know you enjoy him each evening
    Hugs to you and Dad and Mac1

  2. Ours just makes alarm calls whenever she/he sees Miss O come out. Especially when there are young. But once they get to the top of the roof, they will sing.


  3. I just love listening to the blackbird's song. I often hear one as I walk Bertie to Duthie Park first thing in the morning.

  4. For a moment I thought you had lost your mind when you said you love to listen to the black birds calling. The only black birds we have here are crows and they make a terrible racket I may call caw caw. But listening to this I understand what you mean it is absolutely beautiful and I hear her way off in the background. Yet another thing new that I have learned

  5. Like Sandra, all the black birds here are those pesky and noisy crows. They drive us crazy when we are out in our yard and they start yelling at each other. Well, maybe they are yelling at us:) Your black bird has a very sweet voice.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. What a beautiful sound and great pictures.

  7. Pretty bird and with a pretty sound.

  8. that is a great photo... they look like bottles somehow ;O)

  9. F enjoyed it. I, the Tigger, like not blackbirds. We had to have air-raid shelters spaced about the garden to protect me from a particularly ansty male that used to sit on the fence and shout (nothing sweet in that sound). He used to dive- bomb me the minute the humans backs were turned. Even if I took refuge under the picnic table he would try to fly at me between the tabletop and the seats. They steal raspberries too - I used to watch him doing it. Furrings and purrings - Mr T.

    1. Hari OM
      Oh I don't doubt it, Mr T... most of these types of birds are very pawtectiff of their territories - espeshully if there are young ones around!!! (I am reminded of the Aussie Magpies...8~o...) Yxx

  10. Hi Yam - they are positively delightful ... and wonderful birds ... always scuttering around in and about. Take care - Hilary

  11. They are such beautiful birds with a lovely song to sing.

  12. Lovely natural sound. We hear mostly doves' coos or grackle cackles. namaste, janice xx

  13. What a sweet call your black bird has. It sounds like a mash up of our Eastern Bluebird and a Thrush (two of my favorite birds to hear).


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