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Menolyrical; Final Friday Fiction

Welcome to the end of October... Thanks to each of you who take up the challenge - but also to all who come and read.


What happened?! One minute one colour, the next another

and that too from one day, this, and the next... oh brother

there you are all dressed in lime - no, yellow - wait - orange

There's no keeping up with your wistfulness so strange

glimmering bright on the greyest of days, this long week

Something about it tears at my heart, makes my eyes leak...

© YAM 2020


  1. that is so beautiful ... and you found so fab words... yes sometimes this moments and the pondering about it makes our eyes leak...

  2. Oh yes indeed I agree with the Twinies. YAM what beautiful words, 'there you are all dressed in lime - no, yellow - wait - orange'!!! Brilliant for the gorgeous photo!! The wind today is blowing all our lovely dressed leaves to the ground.
    I'll be joining FFF later
    Hugs HiC

  3. Fall is so beautiful, but sometimes so fleeting. We had snow this year before even half the leaves had worn their beautiful coat of colors. With a warmup this weekend, we are hoping they can still put on a show.

  4. A lovely, original take on the changing autumn colours!

  5. Gorgeous autumnal photo ~ it is a strange feeling week at times ~ ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. What a great poem for that picture. The fall is always changing so fast. Soon all the leaves will be down.

  7. I real like the fall colors, but usual there not may color to wear.
    Stay Safe and Coffee is on

  8. Oh, those are FABulous colors! We have few of them, butts when we see them, they are pawsome!
    It HAS been a weird week. Ma has been out of sorts too....must be something in the aire...
    Ruby ♥

  9. Love your story and the magnificent autumn leaves.

  10. I Love You poem and I'm the queen of leaking as right now.

  11. Doesn't autumnal sunlight have a special quality to it and on a calm autumn afternoon you can almost feel the earth sigh. Sorry no Friday Fiction from F today, but there are 6 hours of our Friday left, work is over and visitors have left so maybe she can still pull something together (even if it's only my evening meal). Furrings and purrings.Mr T

  12. Hi Yam - if I could see the colours for the wind and rain ... I'd be grateful!! But we did need the rain. Wonderful ending to October - this year it's a month nearer the Spring - take care and stay safe - and yes enjoy the great outdoors ... Hilary

  13. Time is such a fickle friend....Beautiful poem and lovely picture!!!

  14. Oh, the beauty of fall! namaste, janice xx


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