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Menopticatering; Taking Part

Over at Molly's place, I spotted she'd participated in a little 'scavenger hunt', which originated from a blog called ''Hootin' Anni's Day Trippin''. I've seen that lady around on comments of other blogs, but have never connected there. However, my imagination was sparked and inspiration bloomed for a post to fill today. So whilst I am not actually participating fully, here is my interpretation of the ten 'clues'.

Anni's pointers were thus:
Okay... well, I have a habit of photographing signs, so my challenge was which to share with you. I figured a warning sign would be as good as any!

Something seasonal? Well, it's autumn, the time of harvest and when all the wild fruits provide the nourishment the wildlife need to store up for winter. Here are some crab apples, ripe and ready:

A yellow leaf? Here you are...

What's next? Oh yes, something miniature. This little moth in India was scarcely more than an inch from proboscis to wingtip!

Then comes the pumpkin...

This is followed by something containing a date or dates... how about a little glimpse at the family tree?

Now we have 'anything lighted'... well, I could have bucked out and said the pumpkin above doubles for this one. But I won't...

Then we have the decorated door to contend with. I realise only now that I have not shown the actual door of this old phonebox... but let me reassure you that all three glass sides (which includes the door) were decorated thusly.

Now for an author's name in print - I have chosen a museum article regarding the bouncing bomb and how it was tested in the loch up behind the Hutch... author, "Mark Smith".

Last, but far from least, the mystery image... clue; anti-bacterial and healing properties are purported... place your guesses in the comments below. I will reveal the answer on Monday!


  1. Hey Yam....just read your email. When I came by at 3 pm this blog was not up. I know you are trying to relax so I just thought maybe you were running late. My sweet nephew Kat is feeling poorly he has a respiratory infection and bless his heart he is constipated. He was at the Vet yesterday and today. His mom is beside herself. She says he is resting comfortably this evening. This is is 2nd Gotcha year too.
    I too am participating in the Scavenger hunt mine will be up on Saturday. Well done on your list and finds!! #10 has me baffled. LOL My #10 will leave folks scratching their heads too. Since Saturday is the last day I'll tell what my #10 is at the end of the post.
    YES I TO wish blogger would leave things alone. I get all kinds of delays trying to get pictures to post. I have to put post into draft and come back. Often I can't center things... Just a real pain. It appears they have lots of kinks to iron out. Probably should not have gone LIVE yet.
    Big hugs..

  2. PS good luck with the administrative stuff...that can be trying...from a distance

  3. This is the second post about the scavenger hunt that we have seen, and we are getting very attracted to it. Great answers/photos. Maybe an aloe or ginger leaf?

  4. Mr T says it looks like smoked fish - smoke kills everything in his opinion, especially the taste, whether is is also healing is open to dispute. Great photos and a nice way to out together a random selection. F used to practice a sketch a day on a similar basis, get the creative brain working. Furrings and purrings Mr T

  5. I think it is a snow-covered coconut leaf with dew drops formed due to snow-melting. Anyway, lovely picture.

  6. is it a cake or something with pastry? ...I had no breakfast so everything is food related LOL

  7. Great finds. Still.puzzling over that last photo!

  8. All of your photos are great! Love that yellow leaf! The mystery photo looks like some sort of leaf?

  9. The only thing I could think of the number 10 was the aloe plant but it doesn't really look like our allies so I don't think it is. You did an excellent job with the rest of them and I love love the door on that phone box. I have been going to participate in it but I keep forgetting and I follow Annie and every time I go there there's a reminder but then I keep forgetting to look around I think my phone might have injured my brain haha

  10. We like all your pictures from the scavenger hunt but have no idea what the last one is.

  11. Wonderful series of photos ~ whatever the reason ~ enjoyed the photos ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  12. Not a clue. Hubby is cooking bacon so I cannot concentrate! namaste, janice xx


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