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MenoSundays; Life Lived Lovingly

On this day I would normally post something inspirational or deep and meaningful or mind fodder of some description. Today, though, it is going to be a little more personal than that; by way of gratitude but also a need for 'completion'.

Gratitude for all the warm and caring and concerned thoughts expressed in response to Friday's post of the 'kitchen kaper'! Completion in the sense that there were questions asked and I wish to provide answers - and show further progress. Forgive me this self-indulgence dear ones, but it serves catharsis as well. Am still a bit discombobulated by it all and certainly a bit achy and pain-y from all the unusual bend and stretch that has been enforced. Anyway...

There were questions regarding water damage... none since my arrival seven years back. However, there must have been some at some stage, for there is staining on the wall to suggest it; admittedly that may have been from the time before we had those major repairs to the roof and back external wall. This leads to the most-asked question -

Who pays for the repair? That would be yours truly. I own the flat - not a tenant. Had there been visible and traceable water ingress, then it might be another matter. The tenant in the flat above is very heavy-footed and I have often wondered if the lounge ceiling might come in (heaven forbid!!!), but I don't think that could be claimed against. The building insurance is the usual rort with large excess so not even worth trying for that. No. Deep breaths. I Will just have to see to it myself - but it won't be in any hurry because, for a start, this is not an 'urgent' repair, but considered cosmetic and therefore current lockdown restrictions do not permit entry to homes by workmen for such. Summer will be earliest and even then I may hold off. Once the father's estate gets settled it is my intention to get the bathroom ceiling at long last repaired and this one can happen at the same time. (Also wish to remodel the bathroom, so an all in one mess - hopefully - in about another year's time.)

The plaster has been up for well over a hundred years, and the building does occasionally shift, so a few cracks are there which weren't when I bought the place. It comes with the territory of this type of building.

Now, one other question was asked - "where is the shelving?" Which in a way pleased me, because I chose what I did in order for it to be low-impact on the eye. Anyway, it is wire, foldable stuff and this is it close up...

I think I may have squealed with delight when putting it in place, for it is exactly what I envisaged. A relief, considering it was not particularly cheap! Now, I suspect there may be a question as to why on the counter and not in a cupboard. The answer, my dears, is that there is no cupboard for them! The previous owner put in a kitchen to 'flip' the flat quickly. It was pleasing to the eye but turns out to be rather impractical. There were only two small drawers and there are actually only four and a half useable cupboards. Another houses the gas meter, and the 'half' is the corner over which these shelves sit, which is virtually inaccessible and therefore - currently - totally wasted space. That is the one I have been working up to sorting after the success of the neighbouring one. I'll get back to that. Anyhoo - back to the shelving, as you see it holds all my herbs and spices, cooking fats, eggs, treats tin, condiments and such like. Let's not forget the vegemite!!! Everything to hand right where I need it and it is all stuff accessed regularly, if not daily. Am so thrilled with these wires, am considering a repeat purchase for use on the other side. We'll see.

I just wanted to show you something of what was being dealt with -

I know some of you have an inkling of the kind of dust that comes from such tumblings, but here it is bold as brown! In the foreground, you see a portion that has been wiped down once and can also then see that it will need another going over at least twice. This stuff is disgusting and gets to places you wouldn't believe. Three days in and it is still falling out of the air. Something of a habitual wiper-downer at regular times I'm now going to be a hyper wiper for a while! Thank heavens for this stuff. As its promo promises: 

each squirt, in all it’s lovely non-toxic glory, delivers a mighty cleaning punch with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients. it’s cleaners, derived from corn + coconut, break down dirt naturally, so every spray leaves nothing behind but a fresh scent + gleaming clean. knock out dirt with the power of plants.

I kid you not, it's the best stuff I have ever used - look at that stovetop! 

All the crockery and other items from this 'stage two' part of the kitchen were put through the dishwasher as even with gloves on my skin was beginning to object to water immersion. A little rejig of the upper corner (gas meter) cupboard meant that a few of the items were now going to be undercover. On Saturday morning, the new bin arrived. I shifted the dryer (inherited on purchase of Hutch and never even plugged in so a white elephant - pressed into service to hold all the plastic bags the grocery insists on delivering my shopping in) to the right and slotted the old bin minus its lid in behind and the new one in front. The first to hold recycling and the latter to gather all the other stuff. By lunchtime Saturday, stage two was more or less done.

Stage three was to clear all the stuff left over on the table and the drawer tops. I had inherited a couple of bedside drawer cabinets from Edinburgh and they are sitting back to back behind the table, now, and holding all the tea towels, napkins, stationery and other such stuff which had previously had to be in other rooms or just out on the surface. There is to be another set of cabinetry to come from Edinburgh, eventually, one piece of which will sit on top of those drawers and provide another important storage space, which I have temporarily sorted with more of those wonderful delivery boxes!!!

That table almost looks clean enough to eat off now.

Sigh... now it is back to finalising the cupboard rejig and the place will very nearly be working as I want it to. Thank you all for your patience as I narrated my kitchen kaper!


  1. Looking good! You have done a great job! Let's hope they can "fix" and patch the plaster without too many problems. Its nice to see the interior of your home! It is so bright! Have a marvellously happy day!

  2. It's never fun cleaning up after all that mess. We're glad to hear you are getting things sorted out but it sounds like you will be dusting off the counter for a while.

  3. It all looks so clean and neat. Nice to have what you need so handy. We have Method products here, will have to see if that one is an option.

  4. Such a happy looking kitchen! namaste, janice xx

  5. Sp long as one doesn't gaze up at the ceiling, the kitchen is looking lovely!

  6. Your kitchen looks beautiful and sparkling clean once again - as long as you don't look up. I use Method products and love them and you're right - the grapefruit smells amazing!

  7. Hi Yam - all I can say is well done on just getting on with it - shambles like that suddenly occurring are such a pain - but good to know you'll be able to put in a few new things with your Dad's help - that's a great inheritance. Have a few lovely meals off your 'new clean table top'!! All the best this week finishing things off for now - Hilary

  8. hope my aggravation with myself doesn't come through now. i typed about 2 paragraphs and touched something that made it go POOF.... here we go if i can remember what i said. I always enlarge photos so did see the wire shelves. they are perfect, look good and lots more storage space. your kitchen is beautiful and I can give you my OCD approval. I love things that hae there place are in it. love those red tiles. the ownership of our homes comes with repairs. and the older they are the more likely to have one. it is good you have time to wait before repairs and also that it is cosmetic not a leak.. if you could reach it you could paint flowers on it in a mural. your kitchen is perfect. great idea to use the bedside drawers

    1. Hari OM
      Oh I know that 'poof' thing with long comments - the other one I get a lot is I hit publish before realising my i'net connection has dropped out and too late, the composed item is gone!!! Sigh...

      Thanks for persisting and for the great comment. IF I could reach the ceiling (which even from the top step of my very shaky ladder is still a foot out of reach!) I'd be making the mend myself. My father made sure we all knew how to fix stuff around the house. I could rent a scaffold platform I suppose...hmmmmmmmm..... Yxx

  9. You've been so busy, I'm reading backwards, now that things are quiet here... My brain is full!

  10. YAM...what a mess indeed x 87...and I am sorry the stuff is still floating in the air to the very pretty counter top.
    I guess that is caused by the heavy-footed person above you. I 1000% agree do it all when you renovate the bathroom. And mostly when you are in a frame of mind to up up with the disturbance and intrusion to your Hutch.
    Just one question...maybe kinda dumb one but you know me...I'll ask anyway. You store your eggs on the shelf not in the fridge. I have never investigated this but maybe it isn't necessary. Several years ago Marlu and Greg were cat and hen house sitting for friends who were away for some time. I mentioned the collection of eggs they would have. I recall she told me Hannah had an egg basket on the counter which is where they were to put the eggs and of course M&G could take all the eggs they wanted. Of course mine are in the fridge at the grocery store so that is where I store them.

    Hugs Cecilia

    1. Hari OM
      An important question for those of you in the USA as how your eggs are treated is different; whether egg refrigeration is necessary depends on your location, since Salmonella treatment varies by country.
      In the United States, fresh, commercially produced eggs need to be refrigerated to minimize your risk of food poisoning. However, in many countries in Europe and around the world, it’s fine to keep eggs at room temperature for a few weeks. In the US (and I think OZ, Japan and maybe a couple of other countries, the eggs are washed/disinfected but in Europe and elsewhere, the chickens themselves are vaccinated against salmonella and such so the whole egg is made safe. Washing the eggs removes any possibility of transmission via the shells, but does not affect any bacteria that may have already penetrated into the edible portion - hence the need to refrigerate, potentially killing any residue off; also the washing process actually damages the shell so making it more open for further infection, so best not to leave them on the counter. While at it, worth mentioning that they should be kept in their boxes and stored well into the refrigerator - not in the door! Variations in temp and possible condensation increase infection risk.

      Does that help??? Yxx

      PEE ESS - that is for commercial eggs. Home-laid eggs such as your Marlu's friend has will be fine on the counter for up to three weeks!

  11. You have really maximized the space you have. I hope to be able to share a cuppa in there sometime soon!

  12. Positively Gleaming ***
    * *

  13. Goodness me! That really is a kaper and a half! I hope no more is going to come down in the near future, as it looks to be vile stuff that gets everywhere. Is your sleeping area not affected by the dust?

    Good luck with the rest of the rejig.

    Big klem


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