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First Friday ... Features

Last month I introduced you to the podcast, 'Three Little Words'. Here is another from the series. It was the first episode but one of the most impactful. JJ Chalmers is a war veteran of current times. You will learn lots about him in this amazingly frank interview. WARNING; occasional profanity and some challenging events depicted. I assure you, however, that you will not regret listening through.


  1. gratitude&empathy are the words people often forget this time...

  2. 100% agree with the Weimies!! Old saying don't judge til you've walked in someone's shoes
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Excellent idea about March FFF.
    WE're going that way tomorrow I'll have to check out the wee door.

  4. I am going to check out the podcast later. If I had to drive anywhere today, I would have downloaded it today. We have very spotty radio when driving to either of the nearest towns and I listen to Podcasts. Have a marvellously happy day!

  5. Hi Yam - sorry I haven't listened ... but I've seen him on various things and knows he's an amazing man ... it's wonderful how positive people can become after disasters like he encountered. Inspirational - all the best - Hilary


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