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Menokreatikkul; Mastering Mayhem

Before the rude interruption of crumbling ceilings last week, I had actually dug out a WIP (work in progress) from my crochet bins. The yarns have not been looked at since moving back to the Hutch. The hands needed to be working on something. (Little did they know...)

Do you recall these?

I was on a random stitching adventure to use up some stash yarns, some inherited from my mother and some of my own. The aim was, loosely, for a sitting wrap of some sort. Well, There was another swatch created...

...which I rather loved, but didn't have enough of the yarns to create an identical one, thus recreated it in different colours. They are now both done and getting attached...

Actually, that bit is completed, and I was thinking - right at the moment of the tumbling - that I needed to take the work back through to that table to plan out the next swatching or connecting stitching required. Now that the table is clean and clear again, I will get back to it. Watch this space!!!

It's ideal work while sitting on my toadstool
watching wizards on the typotechnographical!


  1. I love the light (and the patterns of course).

  2. Coming along nicely. I started a simple scarf and haven't gotten very far:)


  3. When I had to find a blanket for my nap this afternoon, I decided my next project will be an afghan.

  4. I like the free-form nature of your design. Following a pattern makes me more comfortable but I love where your work is going.

  5. Gorgeous! There are no idle hands at your house!

  6. No wonder you make jig saw puzzles. Your brain is obviously wired that way. xxx Mr T

  7. ooh it looks like the sign of brittany, the triskel...we love it!!!

  8. Good to see things settling back into a creative pattern.
    Cheers! Gail.

  9. i like number 2 and 3 photos, the colors best of all. this will be perfect for a throw on cold days. the light on your head, i saw not to long ago on Amazon and thought Bob would have loved that when he used to spend hours in his workshop building planes... he has not done that in over a year. if he ever goes back to it, i will get him one

  10. Good work, Yam. I am so sorry for your mess. Well done. I am too anxious to take up some handwork. JB's arm is gone bad, too. sigh. Take care!

  11. Wow! ~ wonderful needlework ~ so colorful and creative ~ bravo to you ~ ^_^

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  12. They are so beautiful and look so complicated. A lapghan in the winter is a wonderful thing!

  13. Those look wonderful! I especially love the triangles. My yarn stash was greatly depleted last summer. During one of the Manly Man Estate sales of my husband's stuff a local lady (who knits and hands out hats and mittens to street people in the winter) asked if I had any yarn. I got out the stash and even though she tried to pay me, I let her have the bag. She was ever so happy (and so was I) I have started a whole new stash! Happy crocheting!

  14. Hey YAM running late today. B had a dermatology appt
    LOL on the Squirrels that is what I get for cutting and pasting the Poetry Badge.
    Your project is beautiful, the pattern very pretty and you know I love the colors
    Hugs Cecilia

  15. Sometimes making something from 'nothing' is the best. I am working on making a large bath mat with all the cotton leftovers. It will be some time before it's finished though.



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