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Sometimes the way we can share the capital 'ell' Love is to help in spreading useful and pertinent information. A few days back, over at "Sophie's Blog", owner Angus supplied a link to the below video. I thought it very important. Enough to suggest that if each reader there took responsibility for passing the message on to at least five others... and those five took it upon themselves to share with another five each, and then them... the benefit of this information would spread like wildfire! Will you commit to sharing this info-vid??? 

If you have a blog you may wish to replicate this post. If you prefer not, or don't have a blog, perhaps you will email five folk with the link and the request to share further? It's not an order. Just a request coming from the Core of Love and in the interests of correcting much of the suspicion and misinformation which circulates so very readily... Thank you.


  1. I got the mordena vaccine. So glad I did.
    Coffee is on and take care

  2. I'd take any of them if a reliable agency was offering (as opposed to someone knocking on the door offering). Trouble is that over here there doesn't seem to be a vax program of any significance. Once we can travel again I'll head back to UK for the one they keep sending me sms reminders to attend for. Mr B will be back and vaxxed in the next couple of weeks. Leaves here in a couple of days and then has 10 days of isolation on arrival home. Keep putting the well reasoned news out there. Xxx F & Mr T

  3. Very interesting information. Thank you!

  4. I am getting my 2nd Moderna this Friday, but i would take J and J if that is what was offered . i posted the video on FB

  5. Hi Yam - thanks for highlighting this ... I just trust the scientists in our part of the world. I had the AstraZeneca and will get my 2nd on 1st May ... all well ... stay safe - Hilary

  6. Very interesting YAM!!
    We both took Pfizer...because that is what was offered to us. Never once thought about 'shopping' for a vaccine.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Very informative. Thanks Yami-didi for sharing this.
    There is so much lack of proper scientific understanding regarding, not just vaccines, many other things we encounter in our daily lives.
    I love such explainers, and try to share them.
    My wife and I are awaiting our turn. Officially the window for us - above 45 years but without comorbidity - opens on April 1, though some hospitals are inoculating anyone who registers in the official web portal set up for this purpose.
    India has been remarkably well in the vaccination front. After some initial glitches, it's rolling on very very smoothly.

  8. That was a good video. We both got our second Pfizer shot last week.

  9. I know some people that need to see this video. Thank you for posting it. Trying to explain efficacy is difficult. People seem to believe that 95% is the only way to go. We just found out last week that our provincial government has decided our village is so small, it made more sense to vaccinate everyone rather than have to come back again and again. We will be getting a shot (or first shot) on April 14. I was amazed at how happy and overwhelmed I felt at getting my appointment. Have a marvellously happy day!

  10. With so many needing the vaccine here, and our premier being an incompetent boob, we'll take whichever one we can get first!

  11. Pfizer was the first available for us to take. We receive our second shot tomorrow. namaste, janice xx


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