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MenoAZinkulling; L

This month here at the Wild YAMster's bloggy, you are going to be regaled with words related to feelings and happenings of the last twelve months. Oh yes, you know of what I talk.  This is to be the ALPHABET OF AAARRGFIZZZ... We've all had to deal with it. This will be a reflection purely from my point of view. You don't necessarily have to agree with what I say; just appreciate where it's coming from. Normal service will resume on May Day. (By which time I may be yelling that down the ether phone loud and repetitively!)
Regulars here know that I advocate for that capital 'ell' Love (mentioned yesterday). It has become the foundation of my life and informs posts here every Sunday. (Well, all my writing and activity, but MenoSunday's give a focus.) For any newbies or casual passers-by, you may like to click over to this post to grasp the concept a little more.

Ultimately, Love has stabilised much of the last eighteen months, during which so much has been thrown on the tracks to cause the wheels to wobble. Remember, we are not talking here of the external love that most associate with the word. It is the Love from within, the power of existence, and the slow kindling of connection to our personality's highest state. It is the source of hope, charity, compassion and empathy.

Language comes to mind for this letter; specifically, some of the language built up due to Coviditionitis. Dear ol' Axer Body d'Piffler Jargon was determined to draw an analogy with world war two, boosting his self-image as the reincarnation of Winston. Mind you, he wasn't alone. The (very) right-wing Scooby More-Is-On, leader of OZ, was talking up the ANZAC spirit, going right back to world war one with that reference. (I am not even going to go west... at least you all no longer have to suffer the DTs.) Hope, charity, compassion and empathy are not words I would necessarily apply to these people.

Now for a growing concern... Long-COVID. You'll recall in a couple of these posts I have referred to my CFS and how, by around May of last year, I had suspected its return, as I just never really got firing again after going down with the Lurgy... (oh yes, I've used that word a few times. In case you haven't already sussed, it refers to the bug which results in Coviditionitis.) Anyway. It has transpired, as the months have dropped behind us, that many who have been infected by C-19 have experienced different levels of health issues that were not present prior to the infection. Enough folk presented with these varied and problematic symptoms for the medical profession to declare a post-viral syndrome particular to the disease currently dominating our news. Hence Long-COVID is starting to be taken seriously - and this provides some hope for those of us with CFS (which at one point, if you are of an age to recall, was referred to as 'yuppie flu'!)

I would like to conclude this post with Laughter. One of the great natural medicines of life is laughter. Find it where you can and try to get a dose each and every day.

Have you got any good laugh-lines? Share them in the comments!!!

See you tomorrow for the ongoing saga. Please be aware that there is more I amAZing over at 


  1. We hope you are not experiencing what they call the longhaulers here. At least there are a lot of studies going on to figure it out. It seems like this Covid-19 is multi-faceted and affects everyone differently.

  2. We have been wondering what the chances are that c19 is exposing or igniting in some of its victims underlying conditions they already had the seeds of (perhaps) lying dormant in their systems. For some they may never have otherwise germinated, for others it may have taken until older age - just a thought, a curiosity. Tigger and F have been binging on comedy tv just to Lighten our evenings while F sews patchwork quilts. Lighter evenings go a long way to a better state of mind. Furrings and Purrings Mr T

  3. actually I decided to get rid of my laugh-lines via beauty doc... but no way to get an appointment...probabaly because they are anyway coevered with the mask?

  4. I am wondering if the CFS/Long Covid symptoms have eased at all since your return to the Hutch?

  5. Love, Laughter and Language - seems to me the three go together... especially with lollipops too!

    By the way - the links on the bottom of your posts all just take me to my own blog dashboard page - is that just me? Worth checking maybe?

    1. Hari Om
      Ta Mark - fixing from tomorrow's post... tsk... Yxx

  6. This reminds me of the song by some of the Sesame Street gang (my taste is eclectic) about the letter L.
    "La la la, linoleum, la la la, lightbulb" "No! La la la, laughter, la la la lollypop, la la la lullaby"


  7. Laughter is always a great way to cope with any crisis. I like the Mona Lisa memes...

  8. Love and laughter are always in need every day. I'm lucky to live with two furry clowns that bring laughter to our lives every day.

  9. You might get a Laugh out of my Sunday selfie. Here is a line: photo of a cute pup and his mum from behind....I won't spoil all of the post but I ended with 'in hindsight (no pun intended).....Hugs Cecilia

  10. We could all do with a bit more laughter medicine.

  11. Live, Laugh Love! L of a great philosophy for Life! Thanks for the Ls And we hope you have a marvellously happy day!

  12. Live life lovingly with a large lump of laughter while the lasagna waits to be lapped up in luxury. namaste, janice xx


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