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MenoAZinkulling: Q

This month here at the Wild YAMster's bloggy, you are going to be regaled with words related to feelings and happenings of the last twelve months. Oh yes, you know of what I talk.  This is to be the ALPHABET OF AAARRGFIZZZ... We've all had to deal with it. This will be a reflection purely from my point of view. You don't necessarily have to agree with what I say; just appreciate where it's coming from. Normal service will resume on May Day. (By which time I may be yelling that down the ether phone loud and repetitively!)

...How does one apply the letter Q to the matter of Coviditionitis? Can it even have a place in this series? Well, the answer was in those first sentences... 


Oh, the questions have been pretty much never-ending as to the what, why, where and when of the origins of this 'novel virus' and how it managed to become what it has. The less than entertaining lurgy that has flustered Mankind. Even as answers began to be found, twists and turns have thrown up more questions. 

Of course, that could just be the state of life. All knowledge gained is derived from first having a question, heh na? Then, having formulated the query, we can research and surmise to put forward a theoretical answer. But much is also gained from direct experience and observation of outcomes in relation to the subject of our inquiry. It will only be with the passing of time and looking back on this period as 'history' that we will be able to see its full impact and build our understanding of the disease, its health effects and the societal impact.

How about Quolls... have you ever wondered about them? If not, why not?  That'll do for q.

See you tomorrow for the ongoing saga. Please be aware that there is more I amAZing over at 


  1. I was quizzical about Quolls, this led me into the quicksand of the interwebs and how I can get lost in my quest! Meanwhile the Quacking of the Canada Geese in the back quadrent of the yard, had me reacting to Quell thr noise. Did you know Canada Geese purr like cats when they are happy! Have a marvellously happy Q Day!

  2. Interesting little fellows! Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. My question day after day for most of 2020 was, "What am I going to do today?"

    Never heard of quolls till today. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We are at a time when there are more questions than answers!

  5. this is my animal of the year ..the grumpy quoll..

  6. Love the Quolls. If I had been asked to name an Australian animal beginning with Q I would only have come up with the Quokka (which I saw on a trip to Rottnest Island, WA).
    Cheers, Gail.

  7. Quiet would be my word I think. Because the shops are quiet, the restaurants are quiet, nature is (fairly) quiet. It's just the people who are so very much not quiet.


  8. Hi Yam - yes lots and lots of questions ... and quarrelling querulously about the answers ... ah well - so we go. Stay quietly safe - cheers Hilary

  9. Or how about QUALY which stands for 'quality adjusted life year' and is a critical cost measure in the NHS. Broadly speaking we will fund treatments at £30k per year of life expectancy for a healthy person. So if a treatment were to offer, say, ten years good quality life, then we would fund it - roughly - to the level of £300k. For the elderly the QUALY often reduces towards £15k. We don't think of these figures and measures in our everyday lives but we will live them for years and decades to come.
    Meanwhile, even at the most aggressive estimates of lives saved as result of our policies and the most conservative estimate of the avoidable cost (hence the best ratio we can muster) - the cost for a covid QUALY is multiple times what we have ever funded for any other disease at any time! Again, don't imply too much from this - it's the lack of debate and visibility of our choices which troubles me, not the absolute numbers.

    1. Hari OM
      So true! The point of my somewhat flippant rants at the end of each post (and other spots) is that the current state of government is not even looking at this. Quite the opposite, in fact. To be fair, it may not be possible to achieve 'absolute numbers' or even full consensus of policy-making, but the point of democracy is that we should indeed be able to debate these things openly and without resorting to childish name-calling and finger-pointing. We are a long way off adult government (I refer here to the disUK version). That may be shifting...

      Thank you for you informed comment yesterday also - and agree totally that spending in dedicated and pertinent manner is not a forte of this govt. Yet they find the dosh for nuclear arms... which they want to plant as far away from London as possible, just doon the watter frae ma hoose... Yxx

  10. I had no idea what a quoll was. What beautiful fur he has!

  11. F knew about quolls but Mr T was very intrigued - questions whether he could eat a whole one. They look like they might fight back so he's been advised to put that out of his mind. xxx F & Mr T

  12. The Quoll is a darlin' little 'Q"ritter and dressed to the nines in polkadots
    Hugs Cecilia

  13. Your 'heh na?' got me)
    How cute are these better looking cousins of the Tazmanian devils!
    Fab video. Cheers.

  14. I want one. Have never heard the name, or seen the quoll. wow, this is the best Q ever. Not surprising since I have never been to Austrailia or Tasmanaia or any other country but my own

  15. So many questions, still. Like, what happens next?

  16. Quolls were entirely unknown to me, so thanks for this introduction. Polka dots! Seriously delightful.

  17. Such cute little Quolls!

    Like Iain, I also question what is next.

  18. Quickly would be a q word describing how the pandemic changed lives. namaste, janice xx


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