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MenoAZinkulling: R

This month here at the Wild YAMster's bloggy, you are going to be regaled with words related to feelings and happenings of the last twelve months. Oh yes, you know of what I talk.  This is to be the ALPHABET OF AAARRGFIZZZ... We've all had to deal with it. This will be a reflection purely from my point of view. You don't necessarily have to agree with what I say; just appreciate where it's coming from. Normal service will resume on May Day. (By which time I may be yelling that down the ether phone loud and repetitively!)

` ïI ramya nm>

Jay ïI ram

Om Shree Raamayaa namaH, jaya Shree Raam!

Forgive me for that highly personal start to this post - today is the celebration of Sri Ramnavami. As this is the avatar through which I choose to meditate upon the Higher Existence (and this is my blog), space has been provided. I shall be listening to various songs of praise - particularly different Renditions of one of my favourite bhajans. ShantiH ShantiH ShantiH.

Last year, as the lockdown was already a few weeks in, I was honoured to have my father and sister, Mac1, share this festival with me. They accepted my prayers and enjoyed the Repast I had prepared. I boxed up portions for Mac1 and for Neighbour M - as we could not actually sit down together. It was particularly poignant, as dad was never one for entertaining the esoteric side of life. Though, shortly before mum died (and just prior to my departure to India), he did ask me about Reincarnation. I treasure that moment and a handful of others when he dropped his guard and allowed himself to ask the questions - and gave space for the Responses. As the year of COVID progressed, he did have a few more moments of Reflection, and there was one precious morning when I came through early to find him staring out the window (a rare occurrence!). I said nothing, but he launched into a few sentences around what might happen when he "popped his slippers" (sic). I chose to leave him with it and offered nothing of my own at that time. There was something about that little scene that seemed to hold some Reverence.

All of these moments mark little snippets of Respite, Renewal and Refreshment of being, about which I can now Reminisce.

Meanwhile, outside the walls and windows of #15, things were a bit Rampant; by June, folk were convinced that we should just be allowed to behave as we had always done. Anyone with any kind of foresight could see the inevitable Resurgence of the lurgy. It all had to with the R-number.

Then the Rambo Rapper, known as ABindaPJs, still prevaricated, cuz, well, y'know, people (business/economy) wanted (needed) Christmas...and oh heck, that wee Nicola up north is showing us up again, yeah, okay, "Retreat!" Return to full lockdown. Indeed, doon in the big house, there was a certain Ratiness growing towards the Bonny Land... and some tricky tricks have been going on to try and rein-in that Rebellious Rabble...

See you tomorrow for the ongoing saga. Please be aware that there is more I amAZing over at 


  1. I believe he Rebellious Rabble will be difficult to contain.

  2. I also believe in recarnation, but this life we're in right now. Is one we're working on.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. What a lovely memory of you and your father.

  4. love the memory... and I really really hope that more normal comes back in may... or we will have that rebellion everywhere...

  5. What do you wish someone on the day of their avatar's festival? At least you had someone to share it with last year - what about today? Anyone around? Any community of like-minded people within a bull's roar of where you live?
    Furrings and purrings Mr T (and F)

    1. Hari OM
      simply "shubh sa raam-navami" (happy Ramnavami) - it is equivalent to Christmas. Most other festivals are celebrated over the midnight hour. For Sri Ram, the important time is midday. Now I can break my fast with potatoes and paneer!

      One of the personal ... (what shall I say?)... sadnesses of not being able to return to OZ is that there is no one within cooee I can share this festival with. The path of Advaita, however, is essentially a solitary one - and anyway, Chinmaya Mission has an excellent online presence for the big pujas and festivals. I have spent every Christmas alone for thirty years because my focus is spiritual. This is no different.

      Thanks for asking! YAM xx

  6. Joannes words Rebellious Rabble says it all for USA... the rabble is alive and well here, one year later. that memory of your dad is bittersweet I am sure. Enjoy your festivities today.

  7. we all need to REMEMBER this past year and hopefully we have learned from it. It is only REASONABLE that we continue to practice better hygiene. Bryan's brother and his wife invited us to lunch at their house on your bday to celebrate Bryan's bday (April 27). We have all been vaccinated. I thank her for the lovely invitation telling her we would review etiquette books on how to behave in social gatherings...it has been a while.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Hi Yam - I'm so pleased you had those moments with your father ... and you have your Reminiscences of a life well travelled and of a much beloved thoughtful daughter to her father. Also the 'R' number - you jolted me to remember that that was such an important letter last year, and is of extreme importance to others in the world today. Humanity - I pray for it to adjust, change, become generous with common sense and kindness. With thoughts - Hilary

  9. Although I haven't done anything special to celebrate Ramnavami, reading your post feels like a celebration today. These memories of your father you shared have a light about them.
    Happy Ramnavami Yamini.

  10. I know we're not on the same time observation, but let me wish you Happy Ramnavami. Those gentle memories you shared of your father are precious.

  11. Remembering and hopefully start making new memories to remember soon.
    Happy Ramnavami from all of us.

  12. Loving memories of your father. Really hard times!

  13. Ah yes, of course, the R number! Strange to think a year ago none of us had a clue what that meant, and now we all watch it avidly to see how the world is getting on!

  14. This one was amazing with all of the R's, and they all fit so very well. I love math so I love the R number, except when it is delivering bad news.

  15. Your R for reflection was wonderful! Thanks for sharing. My Dad (very British) thinks my belief system is off the wall and used to give me lectures about horoscopes and tarot readings!

  16. How respectful of you to leave father to his thoughts. namaste, janice xx


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