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MenoAZinkulling: S

This month here at the Wild YAMster's bloggy, you are going to be regaled with words related to feelings and happenings of the last twelve months. Oh yes, you know of what I talk.  This is to be the ALPHABET OF AAARRGFIZZZ... We've all had to deal with it. This will be a reflection purely from my point of view. You don't necessarily have to agree with what I say; just appreciate where it's coming from. Normal service will resume on May Day. (By which time I may be yelling that down the ether phone loud and repetitively!)
Golly, I found myself with quite a Significant list for the ess letter. Maybe a touch of Spring fever? Cabin fever, more likely, given that spring is Struggling to manifest hereabouts. Given that last year, spring more resembled summer - just when we were all shut indoors! Anyway, I've cut it back a bit. 

What am I Saying? Of course I haven't!!! Ess is just too Succulent a letter to let Slip away...

You may wish to get a cuppa - this one is a bit Stretched in length...

For me, the letter ess comes down to Screaming and Slippers. I have previously mentioned bawling in the bathroom... well, now it is time to confess that on occasions, it shifted into all-out primal screaming. Now I do have to mention other ess-words because the screaming was, perhaps, the result of not being able to fully embrace my regular Spiritual practices due to the family Situation. The annexe was private enough, and in '"normal" times, I certainly did attend to my Saadhana. However, never mind COVID, 2020 was not normal times, as father's needs far outweighed any of my own, and I reconciled this by making my care of him into my 'saadhana'. I would chant over the regular tasks (which would draw one of his inscrutable Stares). It was all I had because time-management throughout that whole period was impossible. He hated being left - even when 'sleeping'. When he did actually sleep (determined by the Snoring), what time might be gained had to be used for doing the housework or other personal work...

Such as the slippers. If you didn't already click through when I linked to my crochet projects, now is the time. The use of hook and yarn provided an element of Sanity for me. There were plenty of different projects, but it was the slippers that seemed to Substitute for meditation.

Meanwhile, outside the walls of #15, the differences between Westminster and the rest of the disUK were becoming clearer during the course of the year. In particular with Scotland. The problem for Westminster, it seems, is accepting that Scotland (and Wales and NI) are actual countries and not merely annexed counties of the English Empire. There are some distinct cultural Schisms that Aloofinder Borax de Prattful Jobson appears to have no consideration for or can even accept exist. Therefore, in the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections, we may see, for the first time, voting that shows Scots are not looking South. The purpose of devolved government is that we are supposed to make up our own minds about what is right for the people of this Bonny Land by electing the folk we think can provide that. As a nation, we benefit already from this. ScotGov, however, is hampered somewhat by the setup of devolution, which reserves certain things to Westminster-only governance. It is this which is primarily driving the independence cause. (It's a long and complicated subject, and I do not intend to go into it here, but the simple fact is elections hang on the balance of what is currently happening...) Despite his best efforts, the Primordial Muncher cannot make better his approval ratings against those of oor wee Nicola. 

Ms Sturgeon, despite the best efforts of her ex-boss,  Alicker Sickmon, and despite a setback in percentage from the whole debacle, still rates well and remains her ever-cool, calm, collected self. He can't accept that he is no longer the Fat Controller and will do anything to remain in the Spotlight. 
Is it worth mention here that, in the world of fish, the sturgeon is generally unbothered, but can become a predatory species that can swallow very large prey items, including whole salmon? Jus' observin'.

I was tempted, under the letter P, to mention propaganda. Westminstirring wouldn't stoop to such, surely? Think again. They do their utmost to control the narrative... and if ever there was a Suspicious, even Sinister representation of that, it was in the final week of March when an essay by two respected academics, writing in the London School of Economics blog, was 'disappeared.' The essay looked into the legal and economic case for Scottish Independence that - as stated by the authors themselves - might prove controversial. That is to say, it was contra to the disUK-gov point of view. The page where it once sat, was, two days later, replaced with an apology for withdrawal of the article. No explanation was given. However, there are ways and means... gotta love the web archive!!!

See you tomorrow for the ongoing saga. Please be aware that there is more I amAZing over at 


  1. Thursday, May 6th is right around the corner. I hope everyone gets to the polls and votes.

  2. How many blog posts would combine references to Saadhana and to the Fat Controller!

  3. we love archives and caches too... the internet never furgets a thing ;O)

  4. Hi Yam - Slippers an essential ... while Screaming Silently was my way ... but I quite understand. Sloppy politics is another Struggle ... stay safe now - and let it all hang out ... all the best - Hilary

  5. that is one of the cons of the www, once it is there it is there if you know how to find it. Love the slippers and I have never screamed in my life, but I have inside my head.. I have sobbed a LOT though..

  6. Sometimes a good Screaming is a good way to let out the Steam within.
    WEll done on the slippers
    Hugs cecilia

  7. Can't understand Salmond. His whole life has been dedicated to achieving independence for Scotland, and just as it appears to be in our grasp, he relentlessly attacks Sturgeon and launches a rival party - while completely mis-reading the mood of the nation. He has become a sad embarrassment to the cause and needs to just disappear!

  8. Sometimes life is such that the only way to deal with it is with screaming. Completely understandable. I just hope you are feeling a lot better now and do not have the need to bawl or scream anymore. And if so: just go ahead!


  9. I was once lucky enough to be able to vote for Screaming Lord Such of the Monster Raving Loony Party who stood in a bi-election on my town - most fun election ever!

  10. Screaming in bathrooms is a good thing! It can really release those pent up emotions! I have also been known to scream at the snarky entitiled 2nd generation politician we have for a Prime Minister in Canada (but he IS better than the alternative).

  11. O, yes... Scottish independence, still an unresolved issue.

  12. Sometimes a good scream helps release a lot of steam!

  13. Shingles and stomach surgery will be part of my s words during the covid days. namaste, janice xx


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