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Menorise; Saturday Sayings

"Life is always a matter of waiting for the right moment..."
(Paul Coelho)


  1. ....and then grabbing it with both hands!

  2. Yes, and plants know how to do that better than anyone! We have catkins too. I love all signs of spring.

  3. Timing as they say is everything - in writing it is too, especially poetry.

  4. And waiting has be the name of the game for the last 14 months and counting.
    Lovely photo to accompany the timely quote
    Hugs Hic

  5. I have friends who have been waiting years for 'the right moment'. There's a serious risk they missed it years ago. I read a fable somewhere about a gem on a beach of stones, and a bloke who resolved to examine every stone and chuck it into the sea (to eliminate it) until he found the gem. After weeks of this he became so bored and 'programmed' that when he picked up the gem he lobbed it into the sea without even regitering that he'd handled it. The right moment had passed him by.

    1. Hari OM
      Indeed - so the adjunct is 'stay alert'!!! Yxx

  6. Being in tune with the cosmos!


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