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Menolyrical; Final Friday (not-so) Fiction

G'day efurrybuddy - hope you are having a fun week. At least a reasonably bright one in both mood and weather. Apart from sorting through photographs from the trip away from the Hutch, I have done very little indeed. Catch up on blogs, viewing, sleeping, and that's about it. From my photographs, I've selected 144 for the blogs, and there's some video to be edited too. Yesterday you saw the start of reporting on that mini-vacay, but today, to fit into the FFF theme, there is an introduction to be made...

There's a new addition to the stuffy clan. Take it from here, Hettie!

Well, hello there, Blogvillagers - Failte gu Alba. That's pronounced "fall-sha goo aaL(a)ppa" if you fancied a go at it. Translates simply as 'welcome to Scotland!' Even if it is only via the etherwebs. Magic, eh?

I am Hettie, glad to be a new member of the stuffy fold known as the Hutch Horde. That's what you call a gathering of Highland cattle, you know - a fold. Not a herd. Never a herd. No, no, no... we are a fold because we come to you and wrap around you and fold you in our furs... we will love you and keep you and squash you... but I digress.

I was so happy to see this wee tubby lady with grey hair and a red dot on her brow walk into the Hairy Coo gift shop at Ralia, a pit stop on the A9. She introduced herself as Yamini-amma and pulled me to her and I knew I was finally going to leave that place. Not that it had been a bad place to be, especially as I had others of my ilk around me. All those hands wanting to pick me up and put me down did get a bit boring though - and occasionally rough. Not many understand the feelings of a stuffy, y'ken. Amma has that understanding and I could feel that straight away. It is just possible that I jumped into her arms, even if she didn't necessarily know that herself. Though I suspect she did. 

When she brought me outside, I caught sight of the matriarch cow...

...and I got to meet aunty Mac1 and her car, the fiddleharpermobile. I was going to ride in that!!!

I learned that these two ladies don't use maps. They like to follow their noses, like true cattle. They are definitely of my breed and we make a wonderfurs fold. I got to sit high so that I could see the sky and hills, and waters and trees... what a bonny land!!!

I think this was possibly my favourtist bit - standing on the bridge over the River Coe looking back up at Bidean Nam Bian, the highest peak in Argyll, amma's (and now my) home county. It is 1150m. Amma tells me she did once walk to the top of it, sometime in the last century. I knew she was old, but that makes her ancient! 

Anyway, I thought it was a great place for a selfie. 

Lots of the hills here have 'runnels' making them look the age they are, all wrinkled and ridged. In particular, this one...>->->->->->>>>>

Mind you, I was quite glad to go back into the safety of amma's pocket - there was a lot... A LOT... of water gushing underneath that bridge, and that bar I was balanced on was gymnastically narrow! I'd have hated to have made my first ever swan dive into that...

That's it from me. You'll be learning more about this part of the trip in a later post from amma. I am now happily ensconced in The Hutch, currently in quarantine, until I can prove healthy enough to enter the fold fully and meet all my hutch mates! Hooroo the noo, your fave heelan' coo, Hettie.


  1. You've got great company! Anyway, I hope to join you too on this virtual journey.

  2. I believe your colour is well within the range of an earlier K9 member of that household so you have much history to absorb there.

  3. Hi hettie! we love ya and we loved to learn some very important phrases and words...and the name of this shop is so clever, what a fab idea!!!

  4. Great to meet you Hettie. You will absolutely love your new home. And the photos of your first 'journey without maps' are wonderfully atmospheric.

  5. Hi Yam - welcome Hettie ... and what a fun trip you had on your first day c/o the Yamster and her family. Wonderful views - while that runnel to me looks like a harsh gash in your northern landscape, but I so agree re that gushing water - no doubt very cold. Looks like you're at home now ... safe and secure, but with lots of adventures ahead. Enjoy - cheers to you both - Hilary

  6. Happy Happy to make your acquaintance Hettie! I must admit early on that I have a serious case of envy over your gorgeous amber furs. Oh dear are you a lucky stuffie to be selected by YAM to be a part of her stuffie family. You had a great view on your first road trip....May there be 87 more
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Welcome to your new hutch, Hettie! I would walk right in a shop named Hairy Coo! in the past i would not how know what the Coo meant, but after a few years here, I now know quite a few new words. I love Coos and you are beautiful. I have never followed my nose and have only traveled by map. In fact I use maps just to move around our city if it is somewhere I have never been

  8. Welcome, Hettie. You are going to have the bestest life with YamAuntie and you will have many fun adventures!

  9. Hettie! You have been adopted by a wonderful Peep! And what a way to start your new life! We LOVE the photos!

  10. Welcome and look forward to more fun reports!!!
    namste, janice xx

  11. It's nice to meet you, Hettie! You sure had a fun adventure with Yam Auntie and her sister. We can't wait to learn more about you.

  12. Hello Hetti, you have great company in Yamini and family!

  13. Oh Hetti, this is going to be a magical trip for sure!! I am on my way to catching up...but so far, so beautiful!!


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