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Menolyrical; Let Me Set You A...


There was a place once
I saw
It sat upon the sea
Where sky was blue
The water too
And the building twixt was three.

It was white I think
Or grey
But took the bluish hue
The tide was out
some crowd about
A distant and mingling queue.

Out upon the strands
Bare feet
Bent backs and metal pails
Time opportune
Harvest of noon
The whelks, the cockles, the snails.

Rocks and black-brown sand
It was
That sea-bed now exposed
Man misses naught
A fish is caught
As the sleeping dogs reposed.

Ephemeral scene
It is
Reliant on nature's whim
When water turns
The liquid churns
And the building seems to swim.

 Inspired by TAKE ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR   © Yamini Ali MacLean  2013

Yes, it's a boomerang/repost... I've got Mac1 staying and needed to schedule some posts to make life easy. Anyway, this is also the time I need to remind you that next week is, once again, FFF time!!! Golly gee it sure does flee...


  1. Impressive writing.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. we love that... and ou found the words to create pictures with your poem... bravo!!!

  3. Excellent boomerang post.
    Hope you're having a fine time with Mac1.

  4. I 100% agree with Bertie and Gail. WOW very nice and what a vivid picture it gave my mind's eye.
    Have fun with Mac1
    Happy Weekend
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Thanks for the reminder about next Friday I had totally forgotten. This poem is really beautiful I love it I could see as I've slowly read it out loud what you were seeing in the poem in my mind's eye

  6. Your poem paints a perfect picture of the coast and the sea.

  7. Nice picture. I like the idea it is a place with working people, food collecting. Sort of timeless.

  8. Hi Yam - very late ... but the poem is excellent - very evocative. I'm so pleased you're out and about enjoying yourselves ... cheers Hilary


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