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Menoploplop; Following Up

I want to thank all those who left such wonderful comments and the couple of you who wrote privately in response to last Thursday's post on the matter of Digital Legacy. Clearly, it hit a target!

LLB mum, Beth, suggested that it deserved to be a page of its own, or at least a highlighted post. Interestingly, I had been pondering something of the sort, so once I get through the next couple of weeks, let's see what I decide.

In a similar vein, as I was 'thinking out loud' in response to a couple of others, I found myself firming up some more thoughts around the concept, in some ways related to the page suggestion. Also, to a degree, related to the building of the Memoir Index page. I recognise that there is quite a bit of content here, particularly from the height of 'Blogville' days, that is neither documental, journalistic, any form of diary note... or, indeed, of any worth at all to the annals of history. Given that several of you did support the idea of our online work being worth keeping beyond our physical presence, then it might be a good idea to have a bit of a declutter of the files and posts.

Not anything that will disrupt timelines or remove any part of the story that describes the wildness of YAM... nor any of the posts that might seem cringe-worthy now, but show the stylistic growth in one's presentation. Rather, all those pages of jokes and filler posts which hold no intellectual value, social commentary or even personal insight. 

As the index has proven popular, it may be worth collating a few more themed items similarly, given that using the labels to lookup more than a single item causes reading frustration. In a small way, that is what I did with those posts for Kay.

I am conscious that this involves quite some administrative dedication but must acknowledge that it will provide a focus. Even if the goal is not necessarily completed, it ought to make things a lot tidier. I think I likened it in one response to the sort of decluttering, downsizing, which we tend to do as we grow older anyway. 

...And in completely different news, autumn is biting in hard around the Hutch. Not only are the temperatures plummeting, but the nights are getting much darker much quicker. We seemed to go from not needing lamps at 9pm a couple of weeks back to dark by 8pm and even a tad before. We are rocketing along, nay, we are plummeting towards year-end. 

On that joyful thought... hooroo the noo...


  1. I haven't really thought about this before now. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  2. Oh crikey it's bad enough trying to keep a lid on the physical junk without contmplating a digital declutter. And what's wrong the jokes for example anyway? I find it fascinating now to have an idea of what people 2000 years ago found humorous, and how they expressed or recorded their humour. Humour is part of social history too, not just the serious stuff. Xxx F & Mr T

    1. Hari OM
      I absolutely agree with that argument - but the 'menokakkuls' I produced for a couple of years were not of my own origin and are readily discovered elsewhere. They add very little or nothing to the history of the YAMster, per se... Yxx

    2. What about pointers to the humorous side of YAM? Help your digital descendents get a full picture of the person, including what tickled her funny-bone?

  3. that's true... it's dark now in the morning and it happened suddenly and over night ;O)

  4. I am so close to putting the heating on in the evening, but for now I will stick with a blanket over my knees and a nice cardigan. But as with you, temps are dropping and next week single figures are expected during the night.

    I have had my blog since 2009 and I don't think I would want to get rid of posts. There was one I did get rid of, because for some reason it was a spam-magnet, but other than that, it shows more what I was interested in at a certain time in my life.

    Anyway, out to the garden I go now. The temperature should be okay for working in.


  5. love the sketch of you.. i had the same thought yesterday, I had to put a Jan 2022 apt on calendar and thought wow, it is almost 2022. how could that happen, and March 2022 will be two years with this horrid pandemic.
    my whole blog is nothing but jokes and fooling around with spiders dead and dogs eating poop. ha ha. no way it matters if it stays or not. no one cares about it now and after i am gone I will not care. so not work for me to do, just keep posting silly stuff

    1. Hari Om
      ...I am going to have to do another post to make clear - I am talking about all those menokakkuls that were just repastes from Google images and nothing at all to do with me or my history or anything of use to this blog.

      Yours, on the other paw, are all your own work and most definitely should be kept for posterity!!! Yxx

  6. YAM I love the sketch of YOU!!
    It is quite dark here in 6 am (5am suntime) and for sure we need lamps by 7:30 pm.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. We went from the oven to the refrigerator! We had our first frost last night! And we are expecting more rain! I shall not complain about the rain as I pulled all the carrots from the garden and the ground is extremely dry (even though I was watering). We have been inundated with gnats! A first for this area! These darn little flies have put off any painting or tiling, so my kitchen is woefully behind. Love the curation of life idea! Keep us in the loop.

  8. What an undertaking the organization and editing of post will be, but I do understand the reasoning behind it!

    Fall is moving in around here too...time just zooms on by!

  9. I am not ready to begin the process of gathering my posts. My brain is on a sabbatical, I fear. namaste, janice xx

  10. Hi Yam - I'll be interested to see where you go with this ... but gives us food for thought. I'll be around - cheers Hilary ... and I did appreciate your previous post - a necessary one for us to remember.


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