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MenoSundays; Life Lived Lovingly

How often we react to something and later regret the words we uttered or the way we acted! Then, to compound the error of our ways, we do nothing to resolve it, standing our ground because we think it will hurt more if we apologise. It is not wrong to look again at something and recognise that we might have been too 'sudden,' too ready to take slight or insult, too keen to defend - far too ready to blame another simply because this, that or the other didn't fit with our own view. 

In that recognition, though, it would be wrong - provided the circumstances permit - not to seek reparation. Spread the salve of 'sorry,' and often we will discover that there has been no offence taken, or that forgiveness is already in place.

Do not let the ego build walls within you. The thicker those walls become, the thinner becomes the skin! Drop the defences and the ego drops with them and hurts are much less.


  1. Of course, as we learned this week in Westminster, the sincerity of that apology (or lack thereof) matters too...

  2. Hi Yam - we should just accept the thing we didn't get right, admit it and then make sure it never happens again ... really good thought for us all to remember - thank you - have a happy, peaceful week - Hilary

  3. So true. I made that mistake again and again until I grew too old...

  4. So very true. It seems we don't learn this lesson until we get much older - and wiser.

  5. So very true YAM
    WE HAVE POWER. We awoke to light snow now we have sleet. No where to go, plenty to eat
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. I wish it was easier for us to say we are sorry and mean it! I think the individualism of our current society makes it harder!

  7. Apologies mean nothing without a change of behaviour. I'm not sure they do much, indeed.
    I think the only people I've met out there, F2F in the last two months are my massage therapist and my hair stylist.
    I was really looking for an apology from my previous hairdresser, or an explanation, but nada. He's the salon manager, too.

  8. Forgiveness both of others and self is the companion of apology IMHO. namaste, janice xx

  9. I have learned not to regret the past and not to repeat it. I have also learned to admit when I am wrong. THis has made life so much easier. We hope you had a marvellously happy weekend.


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