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MenoAZering; F=Frilly

For April, I'm participating in #BlogchatterA2Z, and you will find original images created by me and some ramblings to go with them. I will capitalise words that begin with the featured letter (on first use only). Let me know what you think of the pics, words, or both in the comments! For more of this madness, you can visit Blogchatter.

Lawdy, do we need some FRILLY in life. A bit of FRIVOLITY and FUN. 

Am I being FLIPPANT? No! There is no question that we are again in dark times. It can sometimes FEEL a bit disjointed when we have so much going on with all our connectivity (refer to the letter C). Most of us are living like we always did...except that we might be starting to juggle our FINANCES as the bills take a sudden turn north. The better off we are, the less we will have to do that. Or at least it will be delayed. Those of us on a lower budget will have already FELT the impact. In the UK, we have not only the effects of global influences but the ridiculous gambit I like to refer to as 'Break-Sh**'. 

So yeah, a bit of levity here and there would be appreciated, as those in charge FINAGLE the FUNDS and attempt to have us believe it is for our own good, that it is FISCAL FAIRNESS at its FULLEST.

And let us not FORGET that a dominant part of many peoples' lives just now is FEAR. The levels to which any feel that angst will vary according to their location and individual circumstance. One thing that helps to alleviate fear is laughter. Distraction from the FRIGHT or FLIGHT of their existence. A FEW moments of escapism and uplift.

Doesn't have to be belly laughs. Or even comedy. It can come as a surprise at seeing dragons in the clouds or imps in the cast-iron gate. It can be the dispelling of negative thoughts by studying the patterns in a piece of cloth and letting the mind rebuild them as other images.

It can come by the doodling with a stick in the sand... or a FINGER on the touch screen...


  1. Your mandala is mesmerizing and relaxing.

  2. I agree, this is very mesmerizing.

  3. You have a Finger in every Fie 🤪

  4. The fact is that it’s flippin’ fabulous when I find funds to finance fun!
    Your finely worked mandala reminds of the tatting lace I tried to make. I have to admit it is not as easy as I thought

  5. YAM you are doing a wonderful job of A-Z Challenge.
    I'll say F today for frolicking finicky pony
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. An 's' word as a response to your F--SMILE:)
    I see juicy berries in the centre of your artwork--it speaks of summer and brambles...fab..

  7. What a beautiful image! Yup, we need to find some fun wherever it's hiding.

  8. agree completely. I just spent some doodle time with finger on chrombook yesterday, noting came of it but it was fun... turning dog photos black and white, or framing them, creating dragons on bounce houses, all of that is a distraction to clear the mind of fear, fright,and these day flight will not help because all these f words are everywhere... I like CC's frolicking finicky pony... Beau if our fear fighter, the laughter he puts in our lives makes it better

  9. Such delightful FUN post to over come so many Fs fears, frustrations and much more...wonderful usage of words. Loved the write up

    Ur art work is cool. How do u do that?

    Dropping by from a to z http://afshan-shaik.blogspot.com/

  10. We love your frilly creation today and agree that we all need some distracting from what is going on in the world right now.

  11. Frilly, flowery fun filling my heart!

  12. What a great subject and cheerful Mandela!!

    I try to tell myself every day to not to be afraid, as fear does have a way of taking over one's mind!


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