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MenoAZering; E = Eternalnot

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What kind of title is that, YAM? Why did you call this 'ETERNALNOT'? Sigh... I think it was the news. It was starting to get to me. ENEMIES at odds over borders and territory. ECONOMIES going crazy. ENVIRONMENTS continuing to be damaged...

EVERYTHING of late has caused many of us to take stock and ponder the EPHEMERAL nature of life. Nothing - not even the very cosmos - can last forever. There is such a span of time involved in the cosmic scale that we can be forgiven for thinking in terms of ETERNITY, but the simple fact is that eternity is a condition in which nothing EXISTS. Where existence is perceived, there eternal is not. If we genuinely wish to comprehend - to become - eternal, we must surrender all connection to existence and its perception. This is the EVOLUTION demanded of those who seek to take the path of Advaita Vedanta. 

It is the evolution demanded of us all, in fact, but most of us aren't ENGAGING with the possibility of such self-development. Existence is an addictive substance.

So, we get on with life, mourning how nothing lasts forever...


  1. This has left me pondering. Existence and eternity are not compatible.

  2. Beautiful picture! Looks Eternal!

  3. Loved the image and the thoughts...

  4. It is a bit too Early in the morning to be contemplating these matters.
    But the light on the church is Ever so beautiful!

  5. that's a good word... it fits... perfectly

  6. Wonderful fodder for pondering today-- "eternity is a condition in which nothing EXISTS"
    Thank you.

  7. The church is absolutely gorgeous...what exquisite workmanship
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. This made me stop and think. Eternity is a condition in which nothing exists. This will stay with me.

  9. eternal is without end which means we will never really know, and at this time in my life I feel like IBS will be kicking my butt eternally, which means it will never end. I have taken to hiding my head in the sand over the world condition since there is nothing I can do about it

  10. I don't understand - how will we be eternal then if there is no eternal?

    1. Hari OM
      There is 'eternal'... but all that 'exists' is not eternal. If we wish to become eternal - which is often the case for any who follow any form of spiritual/philosophical system of living - we have to understand that everything we believe to be 'real' is actually nothing. This is material existence is the Grand Illusion, aka Maya. ...Fret not - it's a big one to take on board!!! Yxx

  11. I used to think of such things in my younger days. Now I only want to love each day, live in peace and oneness with all living things.

    You are so right, everyone needs to engage in a path of self-development. It may not lead everyone in the same direction though. And this is really too large a subject to be addressed in blog comment. At least for me.

  12. A lovely invitation for deep pondering.

  13. I have no comment to make on your writings - I just take each day as it comes now.
    My first thought looking at your image was…is the grass greener on the other side?

  14. What a gorgeous edit and WOW, a lot to think about in this post!

  15. Nothing lasts forever except love with the capital ell! namaste, janice xx


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