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MenoAZering; U=Ukraine

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It would be almost impossible, I feel, to go through the alphabet this year without acknowledging the most news-dominant conflict, that of UKRAINE against its much larger, darker cousin, Russia. Or, more specifically, Putin. It galvanised all of Europe and many of the world's other major powers into the more UNCONVENTIONAL battle methodology of economic sanctions against the aggressor. All the words have said, 'we are not at war and will not be drawn into war'... yet the effects of war reach out to us all.

Let the news channels of your own choice inform you more about this. Today I would like to share a recent discovery that tied me more to that country than my sympathies already did.

A few years back, I took the financial plunge into subscribing to an excellent software product called Grammarly. As a life-long touch typist and having experience in proofing and editing, I was ready to admit that menoplyxinaemia had robbed me somewhat of my sharper faculty in those things and was getting frustrated at the UNEXPECTED change in my typing wherein my fingers decided they could work independently of my brain and skip words, phrases, and switch letters around. I had to re-read my posts and messages nth of times to ensure they measured UP. And still, some escaped me. The discovery of Grammarly was a revelation. It was recommended on a writers forum I was frequenting at the time. It was also not cheap. However, I have never regretted the investment. (Just so you know, and if you are interested, you can try a reduced service free version from Chrome Store/Google Play. There are also extensions for Safari, Firefox and Edge.)

What has this to do with Ukraine? Well, it was only a few weeks back, when sharing a link for the software with a friend, that I came upon a piece of info that surprised me. USUALLY, I research everything, and I wondered how this info had not hit me before now. Perhaps because the business is homed in California. The "about" page of the product says nothing much about the founders - and it is not unusual to see names of eastern European origin in the USA. However, in going there in the spirit of sharing, I was interested that they had changed their logo to the colours of the Ukrainian flag. That's quite the move for a large corporation. Thus a little more digging was required by the YAMster, aka Miss Marple Heavy. (No one would ever class me as 'lite'.) 

It turns out the three gents who set it all going are Ukrainians. The programmer escapes focus in most articles. The two key guys, now Canadian citizens, are doing well out of their initiative. The recent logo change is part of broader support set up by Grammarly, wherein they are sending significant funds to the Ukraine war efforts. 

UNPAID advertorial post? Not intended as such... but I do actually love this writing companion and, while quite often I over-ride recommendations, and it is also not 100% accurate on spelling assessment, it says something that even on my very tight budget I am prepared to continue with the annual fee. And I think - weirdly - that fondness grew a few notches for its having Ukrainian roots. It is entirely possible that some of you beat me to the news of its origins... but that is no reason for me not to own up to my own increased awareness.


  1. As a child I had contact with Russians who had come here after the war they didn't like what was happening in their country I never knew where they came from their children were my age and we all grew up together often I had tea at their place eating their food alway yummy and where I first came across continental quilts they are a strong people this war will not be over soon, if they disposed of their head Putin and his cronies they may be able to live in peace...........

  2. It all very sad.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. Some interesting information diverting from the sadness associated with Ukraine these days. Let us hope that there is early resolution to the crisis.

  4. So much being written about Ukraine just now, I wondered how you would find a new way of approaching the subject, but you certainly succeeded!
    As for today's artwork, it occurs to me how well the design of Ukraine's flag, so simple, with such strong colours, lends itself to easy identifiable visual interpretations.
    Cheers, Gail.

  5. I feel sorry for the people of both sides... and I hope for peace... weapons and war are never a solution...

  6. It's interesting to know that you resort to an app like that. I rely on Microsoft's software for automatic editing. Anyway, good to know that two Ukrainians are behind this one.

    1. Hari Om
      I use Microsoft for nothing... the thing with Grammarly is it works on Blogger, Googledocs, YTube... pretty much everywhere one wishes to type online! It's not foolproof but does minimise my physical dyslexia. Yxx

  7. ANZAC day for us - when we remember those who gave their lives in wars, and those who came home forever chaned by the experience, so that the rest of us might know peace and freedom.

  8. Love it - both your artwork and your written post. Our day of remembering is almost finished….sadly this time next year we’ll be remembering another war, the result of which is unknown at the moment

  9. YAM THE Ukraine art is absolutely beautiful.
    It has become quite obvious to me that the entire would would benefit from studying Ukraine citizens and their love for each other and their country.
    Hugs cecilia

  10. I have seen the ads over and over on grammerly, but since the majority of the readers of my emails/posts suffere from the same thing you describe as do I, i just rely on the red squiggles that appear under words. I also find I am using less and less punctuation and leaving out words because I am to lazy to do it
    I did not know about the connection to Ukraine and wish them well and prayers for someone to find a way to stop the war.

  11. I sincerely pray for the madness to end before more lives are lost 🙏

  12. Thank you for the link to Grammerly and have been using it. Hope you have noticed (LOL)

  13. I don't think any of us can deny the heart-break of the Ukraine and the undeniable senselessness of war, the shamefulness of greed, and the need to dismantle the power hierarchies that insist on ruling through fear, separation, and limitation. Your art and mention of the Grammarly connection are much needed threads of unity. Thank you.

  14. Thank you for sharing your recent discovery Yamini. It's the perfect tribute to a Ukrainians.

    I'll have to read up on 'menoplyxinaemia' to find out more. Will click on the link you've included in this post.

    Thank you for stopping by at my blog earlier and showing me the 'right' grammarly way:)

  15. Todays Blue and yellow Manadala like art work laced with white speaks volumes. We all, not just Ukrainians', need peace and not war. Its them now, God forbid, you never know if it will be us in future. I wish and pray that this madness ends sooner or may be just right now.
    And for Grammarly, I love the tool too. But I use the free version. Thanks to you I learnt more about it.
    -Anagha Yatin

  16. Love the image! This war is just so sad and watching the news gets tougher and tougher every day. I pray it ends soon.

  17. The art is beautiful
    .never knew the hand of ukranians in the grammarly invention...i profusely use the app. Helps me with my work as am a technical writer. I am a grammarly fan...yes Microsoft does it's job but it can't be used everywhere. I hope Ukraine heals soon...

    Dropping by from a to z "The Pensive"

  18. Good for Grammarly!

    Lovely artwork today in honor of Ukraine!

  19. Great post, Beautiful art work.
    Prayers for Peace _(_)_

  20. I have been utilizing the free version for several months. namaste, janice xx


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